Rolling boxing thread



Can’t see Loma getting in with Rigo, for the same reason no one else does - too much risk, too little reward, even with the big size advantage. I think Rigo’s already turned his attention to calling out Magdaleno instead, though he’ll probably settle for anyone of note getting in the ring with him.

Hope I’m wrong though. Would be a fascinating fight.


well, that’s the end of Manny then


[spoiler]i didn’t watch it obvs but compubox had horn landing 7 (!) punches per round at 15% accuracy!

maybe the end of some of those judges? hah just kidding, judges don’t have to be competent[/spoiler]


[spoiler]I enjoyed how Boxnation were all, “good win, well done Horn” and everyone in the states is all THIS IS THE GREATEST INJUSTICE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

Arum should have cashed the Pacman out on Crawford already.[/spoiler]


In other news: is everyone psyched for the Cruiserweight tournament? Having all 4 titleholders in it in a winner-takes-all scenario is pretty great. All it’s missing is Bellew, and as well as he fought against Makubu he’d get eaten alive by some of these lads. And he’ll make much more cash getting a boxing lesson from Ward.

The Super Middleweight one looks a bit weak though.


Usyk - Gassiev should be fucking ace


Toot toot… here comes the hype train


Anyone else watch Taylor v Davies? [spoiler]Man Taylor made Davies look like a complete mug, huh? Must confess I called that one all wrong. It’s a good example of why young prospects don’t often fight each other so early tbh - Davies had the spirit boxed out of him. Quitting like that is gonna be hard to come back from, rightly or wrongly.[ /spoiler]


yeah I watched it, entertaining fight. can’t see davies going far tbh, just a mess technically.


Yeah, you’re probably right. I quite like him though - I’m always drawn to weird, ungainly fighters. I kind of like the idea they’re gonna defy conventional wisdom and freakshow their way to success. But 9 times out of 10 it turns out they’re just bad at boxing.

Taylor looks promising though.


Frampton misses weight, Guttierez KO’d by hotel shower

Fucking aqualisa power shower new undisputed Featherweight champ


Absolute shambles


'sake, protect yourself at all times.

broner garcia still tho, really like that fight. broner was so overrated for a while that the pendulum has swung too far back the other way. people are giving him no shot but he’s a solid top 3ish guy at 140. think mikey’s a special talent & will make broner quit late, but hoping for a competitive fight.


Looking forward to it. Broner may be a tool but he sure is talented


Frampton looked really gaunt to me. Probably for the best that the other lad had to pull out, as gruesome as his injuries are.


He’s lost the hunger now. I can’t see him being World Champion again. Would like to see him fight Selby though.


It’s mad how our perceptions of boxers can change so quickly. I went cold on Quigg based on two fights but would like to see him and Frampton again now. Didn’t think much of Frampton until that fight and then Santa Cruz, but one defeat and my gut feeling tells me Selby or even Quigg with the right plan and a bit of luck might do him.


I know what you mean. Selby is so underrated, on his night he would comfortably out box Carl imo. He was brilliant in his last fight too, especially since his mother had passed away just days before. The Frampton v Quigg fight was a lot closer than its made out to be also. Selby v Quigg could be a great fight too actually.


Selby should have signed with Hearn instead of Al Hamon. He’d be headlining decent sized shows now if he had. He’s been a world champion for a while and is not nearly as known as he should be.


Quigg became quite one-dimensional under Gallagher. Needs to box smarter. Under the right trainer he could beat either of those two. Don’t consider him any better than lower world class, but he’d gone stale and needed a change.