Rolling boxing thread



Yeah, hopefully training under Freddie Roach he can add more to his game. I like Quigg, hope he does well. Think he’ll fight Kid Galahad at some point, which should be interesting.


Woah just saw the Khan/Joshua stuff.


tell me more, tell me more






ah wait


The whole thing is grim but fair play to Joshua that response was spot on!


Crawford’s a bit good eh, any two of him, Thurman and Spence sometime soon please.

Also Loma - Rigo looks like it’s done for December, should be great


Hypothetically at catchweights…

  • Crawford
  • Linares

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  • Crawford
  • Spence Jr

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  • Crawford
  • Thurman

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Who’ve we got in the two biggest fights of the year, then?

  • Canelo
  • Golovkin

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  • Rigondeaux
  • Lomachenko

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so, so pumped for both, absolutely no idea who’ll win either, really. Reckon Golovkin’s got too good a chin and puts on too much pressure for Canelo. but could easily see him losing a dubious decision. Loma - Rigo is probably he best technical match-up that’s been made in years, absolute coinflip but I reckon Loma probably wins a tight decision by being the busier fighter


Is Loma Rigo all signed and done then? I was convinced it wouldn’t happen. Damn pleased to be wrong on that.

I think Loma is just too big for Rigo. They’re both special talents and if all things were equal I’d just about pick Rigo but jumping up 2 weight classes to fight someone as good as Loma can’t end well, can it? Surely not?

I change my mind every other day on GGG v Canelo but I’m leaning towards Golovkin right now. I think the ‘he’s slipped a bit’ narrative is a bit misleading - he got hit a lot by Brook because he could afford to be hit by him and I think Jacobs is a vastly underrated boxer. I actually had him winning their fight by a round but I don’t think that’s a reflection on GGG losing ground - I think Jacobs is just that good. And Canelo doesn’t have the movement Jacobs used to keep Golovkin from getting into his usual rhythm. I’m saying late stoppage for GGG today, but ask me again tomorrow and I’ll probably say something completely different.


December 9th, it seems
Won’t be fully convinced it’s happening until they touch gloves but it’s pretty close


Oh also Joshua - Pulev in October should be good.

It’s a strange one because it doesn’t have the appeal of Klitschko/Fury/Wilder or even Ortiz, but he’ll be comfortably the 2nd best boxer Joshua’s faced, has a really good jab and could be a bit of a banana skin if Joshua’s off the boil at all. Having said all that I still reckon he’ll blast him out of there in 7/8


I’m a bit annoyed about this one as I’ve been waiting for a big boxing event in Wales for ages and then they go and book this fight for the Millennium Stadium for when I’ll be on holiday in St Ives. The bastards.

Decent enough fight though as you say, and it gets the mandatory out of the way for a fight with Wilder/Parker (assuming he’s still champion) next.


Wilder in Vegas is surely the next logical step. Parker’s no better than Pulev or Whyte, and barely a bigger draw. Wilder’s ugly as sin but he’s technically an undefeated US heavyweight world champ which will always be a draw, and he’s got a fucking cannon on his right shoulder


I agree re: Parker but an easy fight and another nice shiny belt sounds like ideal Matchroom fodder to me. If you could write it it’d be great to see Hughie Fury beat Parker and then get minced by Joshua, thus setting up a ‘shit just got personal’ fight with a suddenly rejuvenated Tyson. Not gonna happen but it’d be fun.

Did you hear Wilder turned down $3mill to fight Whyte in the UK? That would have made perfect sense to get him better known over here. I think even Wilder knows he’s not all that good though and is waiting to cash out on the Joshua fight. He won’t be fighting any live bodies before that if he can help it.


Yeah I reckon a Whyte - Wilder fight wouldn’t be far off a 50/50, and if he lost he’d never get a shot at Joshua, at least not for the kind of bunse he’ll be looking at as it stands


gonzalez vs rungvisai rematch card looks well good, doing a mini tournament thing - cuadras Vs estrado and inoue Vs some feller I’ve never heard of on the undercard. only missing yafai.


watched a boxing match on channel 5 maybe a month ago, was taking place in scotland

there was talk afterwards that it could lead to another fight that seemed to exite everyone so i’d quite like to know what that was

any idea what i’m on about?

anyway, keen to watch more boxing so posting in this thread

also, my mates and i are keen to go see some boxing in london at the level of £20ish for a ticket so if anyone has any advice about this, let me know