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would’ve been josh taylor vs ohara davies, taylor called out ricky burns afterwards. that fight’s probably not going to happen because burns is moving back down to lightweight to fight crolla


So ITV are covering the World Boxing Super series, which seems like good news. Sort of. I imagine they’ll be charging PPV money if Smith/Groves/Eubank Jr end up fighting each other. Also the Usyk v Huck match apparently gets ‘post-fight on-demand coverage,’ which sounds shit. You’d think with 4 channels and box office they’d find somewhere to show all the fights live. I hope they’re not going to skip all the fights that don’t have obvious casual fan appeal. I don’t want to have to watch 2/3rds of the tournaments via dodgy streams.


Oh wait I think Usyk v Huck is free on their PPV channel after all. This I like.


So up for this!
Super middle

  • Groves
  • Eubank Jr.
  • Smith
  • Braehmer
  • Cox
  • Skoglund
  • Yildirim
  • Brant

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  • Usyk
  • Huck
  • Briedis
  • Perez
  • Kudryashov
  • Gassiev
  • Wlodarczyk
  • Dorticos

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I’m still not 100% sure what ITV are doing with the Usky v Huck fight - they seem to have deleted the tweet where they said it would be live. You’d think after stumping up the cash for the whole thing they’d a) show all the fights (seriously, they’ve got 4 channels and the PPV channel, what the fuck else have they got going on?!) and b) maybe tell people about it. You’d think with the tournament format there’s some in built narratives to sell to the casual punters. And it’s free! Advertise the fucking thing - or at least announce when/where we can see the damn fights.


So ITV are showing a replay of the fight on their PPV channel at 11am Sunday morning. That’s it. Complete farce. I’m gonna torrent it out of spite frankly. Useless bunch of cunts.


Just seen the full chocolatito - sor rungvisai fight. Ooft


that was sad, he looked really dispirited right from the opening bell, was forcing himself to move forward but the shots had no effect. maybe he could have got through that early onslaught by playing against type a bit more but fair play to him for dying by the sword. hope he calls it a day.

cuadras estrada was a really good fight, inoue is vicious.


Yeah to all of that really. It’s a properly exciting division and all of the new lads owe a big debt of gratitude to gonzalez for bringing attention and money which he’s not going to get the same reward for. Usyk also looked fucking amazing, doubt he’s got the power to move up which is a shame because he’s a better boxer than any heavy


All of ^this. I dunno how much is the jump in weight class, how much is a culmination of many a war and how much is down to his trainer dying but he looked completely spent. Maybe he could still be competitive down at fly but I doubt that’d be of much interest to him. Very sad.

That Cuadras Estrada fight was amazing. Fascinating that Sky were convinced Estrada walked it and HBO were certain Cuadras got a clear win. The moral of the story: pundits are fucking idiots.

I managed to watch half of the Usyk match on the World Boxing Super Series website (which was clearly not set up to handle the traffic it got) and got on a German stream in time to see the end. I hope ITV sort their shit out now I’m already sick of moaning about it.


hands up who knew billy joe was fighting this weekend? not me. dont think i’ve seen monroe jr fight except getting knocked about by GGG. he much cop? was looking through his record and saw he dropped a fight to this absolute hero.

look at that fucking record - ward, pascal, stevens, lara, stevenson x2, kovalev x2, monroe jr. oof.

anything on the undercards worth a look?


(Raises hand)

Though I only know because I’ve got Boxnation and they’ve not got a great deal else to advertise other than this, GGG v Canelo and the Battle of the Liams.

I watched Munroe Jr through the sadly defunct ESPN Boxcino tournament, which he won. I liked him in that but it’s not the toughest competition to win - the other winner that year was the low hanging fruit Warren picked to get Liam Smith his world title. His only defeat since was to GGG though so he probably deserves another shot, even if if he’s never quite shown enough to suggest he can hang with the elite. It’s a decent test to see if Saunders can still be arsed with this boxing lark if nothing else.

There’s not much standing out for me on the undercard either. Yarde is a pretty good prospect I guess and he will he beating up a guy called Norbert. And I think Pigford is meant to be alright?
I dunno, I think I’ll probably record this to watch after the Callum Smith fight, have a snooze and get up again for the big one.


heh, i didn’t know they’d booked smith-williams again either. eddy’s got me in too deep.

saunders looks in suspiciously good shape tbf to him, if not being a little fat boy counts for anything.

norbert dentressangle? yeah think i’ve heard of that guy.

some cosmic brain thinking there my man.


Shat myself on the way to a job interview for them.

True story.


nerves get the better of us all sometimes.




wait i suddenly think canelo might lose


I’ve changed my mind every few days. It’s a proper toss-up fight innit. The only type of result that would be a real surprise would be an early Canelo KO win, pretty much everything else is on the table


i think it’s why i’m legit excited for it. absolutely would not bet on this one


gunna put some shrapnel on a Golovkin win by stoppage in 10-12, but wouldn’t bet anything significant on it. Increasingly tempted to pay for it to avoid streaming issues