Rolling boxing thread



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What an absolute war.


Looks like Brook - Khan’s finally going to happen. Really like watching both of them so think it could be a genuinely very exciting british fight. Khan will look the better, quicker, cleaner fighter then get chinned in the 8th or something, obviously


is it though? seems weird that news has come out the day after all that shit with his wife and parents like. would be mint. Reckon that’s an MEN size fight? Etihad? Old Trafford?

yeah… kell has a great left hook; amir gets knocked out by left hooks. if brook decides to try to out box khan he might struggle but if he bullies him up a bit i can’t see khan making the bell.


if they have this fight in london i’m going to dirty protest


Not sure it’s a stadium unless the undercard is stacked. MEN or sheffield arena shirley


Brook would be too big, i think. Late KO.

Can anyone change the title of this so we can have a rolling boxing thread?




Bernard Hopkins is fighting on Saturday, he’s 51. Also on the bill is Usyk’s US debut against Thabiso Mchunu, anyone know anything about him? I’m assuming he’s there to get paid, last a few round and help Usyk look good (which isn’t particularly hard)


the end of b-hop’s career:

sad to see him go out like that. was a pretty close fight until that point though tbf.


ifltv did some high level shit stirring on youtube over christmas, eubank jr actually seems alright, sr is the most colossal bellend. warren as well obvs.


I fancy Khan in this. I’m still yet to be convinced by Brook (I thought he lost the Porter fight, his only victory against a top level fighter). Can see Khan outpointing him comfortably.


DeGale - Jack this weekend. Seems to be getting a strangely low amount of press for a Brit in a unification fight. Obviously it’s a pretty weak division and he’s a bit of a prick but still, gunna record it and watch it on Sunday I reckon.
(DeGale by a fairly comfortable decision)


First decent fight of the year. I’m also expecting a fairly comfortable win for DeGele but Jack has somehow done just enough to beat some decent opposition despite never looking better than ordinary. Could possibly give him a tough night.


All depends on how DeGale approaches it. He has a tendency to take the middle rounds off and make life difficult for himself. Jack is a solid 7/10 fighters in all departments, if he stays busy over 12 rounds he could make it a tough night.


That’s what I’m thinking - Jack’s made a career out of being underestimated since his loss and DeGale is a cocky mofo. Hopefully he’ll be sharp all night and it won’t be an issue, but that’s not really his MO.


I’ve warmed to DeGale quite a lot over the years. Dirrell and Bute were good scalps and he has genuine world level quality. Agree with yer man above, he sags badly in the middle rounds, but it can sometimes make for a better fight for the neutral. I think he could beat anyone at the weight on his day, though i’ve not seen too much of the Mexican #1. I’d particularly like to see him face Callum Smith, and i think he’d win that. Jack’s not far off a 50/50 fight, but DeGale on points, i’d say.


Not sure whether I absolutely love or absolutely hate Shannon Briggs atm, think he might be my guilty pleasure. Let’s go champ