Rolling boxing thread



“Do me a favour!”


Here’s a little heads up on a kid who used to box at my gym (IBC). Remember the name, this guy is special.


his fist is as big as Warren’s face


It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with this BT Sports / Boxnation link up. It should give Hearn and Sky some much needed competition.


Also, I can see Degale winning a close points decision this weekend. That would set up some huge domestic Super Middleweight fights.


It needs to do it soon - last year was fairly woeful on Boxnation. Decent for American fights (and the odd enjoyable Russian afternoon session) but tbh I rarely stay up till 5 for a card and if I’m watching the day after I’d rather just torrent them and not have to deal with Buncey.


haha I don’t mind Buncey. Barry Jones is great though.

I hope something comes of this new BT deal. It should do. At the moment, Frank is the most bitter man in boxing. His current stable of fighters compared to Matchroom is pretty woeful too. British boxing is at an all time high at the moment, it would be nice to see Warren and Hennesy back in the game too though.


I’m normally quite fond of Buncey but I’m getting tired of his moaning about the feeds they get sent and how everyone keeps requesting they show the ring walks but the ring walks are crap so, “let’s go to the ring walk for a moment, just so you can see how rubbish this is” EVERY F**KING FIGHT.


Some competition would be nice, though I’m worried if Frank gets his act together we’ll end up with fights not being made between the two camps a la Goldenboy/Top Rank in the states. There’s certainly enough bad blood there.


Yeah, that is a pain. It happens enough already (Flanagan v Crolla).

A big problem with boxing at the moment is the best guys in each division aren’t fighting each other like the do in the UFC, for example. It makes you wonder how many people have turned away from the sport as a result of this. Having four or five belts for every weight class is just plain stupid. When Eubank Jr wins this IBO belt in his next fight, you just know the fact he’ll be a ‘champion’ will effect negotiations for potential fights down the line, against the likes of Canelo, BJS, GGG, Degale…


[spoiler]cracking fight eh. think i had a draw at the finish. jack looked superb in the middle rounds - dragged degale into a scrap and landed the cleaner shots on the inside. great heart & fitness from degale, was well on top from round 9 up to the knockdown. he’s a brilliantly entertaining fighter but he’s gonna fall of the cliff so hard when that explosiveness leaves him - no jab, no clinch, his head movement seems based on reflexes and isn’t good enough to make up for his lack of guard defence even now.

hope they bring it back over here for the rematch.[/spoiler]


yeah it was good fight, hope they do it again. fair play to the ref as well, took that shot like a champ


[spoiler]I had it for Jack by a round after the knockdown, though a draw is hardly unfair. A bit disappointed in DeGale - I bought into his talk about being mentally and physically sharp but he still fought inconsistently, knackered himself out, with zero defence and throwing fewer jabs than most fighters throw by accident. Jack’s defensive work was impressive and he did well to figure out his distance and consistently catch DeGale. Great fight anyway.

Sounds like Jack can’t make 168 anymore, which is a shame. The fights over here for DeGale are intriguing but a rematch is the best fight to be made at the weight.[/spoiler]


Watching last night’s card, starting with Pedraza - Davis. What’s worth/not worth watching?


the lasses were quality. serano looked heavy handed. only saw those three, all good fights.


Gervonta Davis is looking really interesting. Reckon he’ll probably end up losing this (haven’t seen any results, but I’ve got him 3-2 up and he’s slowing) but if he gets a few 12 rounders under his belt he looks a really good prospect


Fucking hell he just nearly punched Pedraza’s head off


that tyson comparison is understandable innit.


The way he coils down then jumps up into those uppercuts and hooks, yeah.


Chunky’s such a shit boxing nickname


Got DeGale up by a point at halfway because of the knockdown, but close rounds are probably bad news for him, and there have been a lot of them. Jack’s looking better than I thought he would, reckon he’ll take this