Rolling boxing thread



Had Jack winning by 2, more consistent and overall did more damage, but there were so many tight rounds that it’s probably fair enough to call it a draw. Seems a bit odd that two knockdowns which were so different both get scored the same way but that’s boxing innit. Would love to see that again but Jack looks big, and might fancy a payday against Kov/Ward. Good first big night of the year


you remember your round by round?

think i had degale taking 1 2 7 9 10 11, one 10-8 a piece. reckon 3, 5 & 7 were the difference makers probably.


1, 2, 9, 10, 11 for DeGale for me IIRC, was totting it up as it went on rather than writing down my score for each round

3, 5, 6, 7, 9 were all tight enough to go either way though


aye. talking people who are too big for super middle, smith v degale?


Good work from the judges, I scored it a draw also.

Callum Smith is an interesting one for me. He can certainly bang but I can see DeGale causing him some problems IF he could stay busy (which it appears he can’t) over 12 rounds.


Frampton - Santa Cruz then, first was great. This should be great, big fan of Frampton and it’s utterly mad/tory/brexit that he didn’t get a sports personality nomination last year. No idea how to call it, bookies make Frampton the slight favourite but could go either way, likely to go the distance and be a good’un either way


Pretty good weekend of boxing - really looking forward to the rematch, the first fight was so tight it’ll be interesting to see how either man adjusts. Garcia v Zlaticanin should be fun and it’ll be good to see if Selby can look a bit more alive in his defence. And over on HBO both the Vargas and Miura fights have potential to be entertaining scraps. Not a bad start to the year.


cracker eh

[spoiler]had santa cruz winning 5 clear rounds and frampton 3, beyond that who knows. those first two rounds where he walked on to the end of santa cruz’ jab probably lost the fight for carl, after that it was remarkable how closely matched they were.

those boys are really high level - no real reason to compare it to degale-jack beyond recency but that fight (and most fights’) swings came entirely from each man imposing his preferred range and dominating. here there were ebbs and flows of momentum inside every range & both men changed strategy over and again - there was a period in the middle of the fight where frampton knocked him about on the inside in one round, santa cruz’ counters got the better of him there in the second and then carl went on the back foot and styled his way to a win in the third. it’s fairly ridiculous that frampton ever manages to outbox guys who have five inches of reach on him. super impressed by santa cruz to the body.

love that they have absolutely no interest in playing silly buggers about the rematches too.

mikey garcia killed that lad. was scary.[/spoiler]


Catching up now, about to watch the main event

The Garcia knockout was utterly sickening, brutal stuff


Aggpass’ pre fight predo - Santa Cruz by tight/split/maybe unfair decision to set up the trilogy


[spoiler]Good fight. Really impressed with how Santa Cruz adjusted and dictated the range after the first fight. Frampton fought well but I had it wider for LSC than the scorecards had it. Looking forward to the rubber match and to see if Frampton can make changes and win the series. Hope it’s in Belfast - I’m rubbish at staying awake for these early morning cards. Managed to sleep through Garcia’s KO.

Some great action on the HBO card too. Not quite as impressive technically but some good solid blood and thunder stuff. Not sure if Berchelt is all that good or if all those wars have finally taken their toll on Vargas. They’ve certainly taken their toll on his poor mug.[/spoiler]


Any streams for the Eubank Jr undercard?


No streams on reddit :confused:

This is a PPV on ITV?


yeah can’t find anything either. got a couple of pals who train at the same gym as Kid Galahad and Adam Etches so would have liked to see them. Guessing streams will come up later, keep me posted if you spot anything please


Incredible stuff from Frank Warren:


Lovely stuff!


Such a petty man but the Eubanks are proper cunts so fuck it, great commitment to trolling



This monster is watching without paying!


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