Rolling boxing thread



was a waste of my friend’s time hacking into my account to PM a stream to you and @bugduv then I guess.


Thanks man!

Hey, Andre Ward is on?!! He’s been good the couple of time I’ve seen him providing analysis. What’s the deal with ITV, who’s involved? Seems like they’ve spent a fair bit on this.


Spent their entire budget on Andre and Lennox so they’ve apparently put the fight on in an abandoned aircraft hangar


this isn’t going to last long


galahad’s cheeky with those elbows inside


Strange, strange family


John the gorilla rider?


Ooft Kell’s enjoying his hollibobs isn’t he


Man, Price makes me so uncomfortable. Like he just looks so vulnerable.


Ha. There he goes! I liked it when his corner had to remind him he’s 6’9’’, use your jab man!


this is embarrassing


pray for a sniper


Thanks for the links everyone.


this mc is budget shite


ehhhhh ugly

has eubank got no power?


Leo Santa Cruz seemingly saying no to the Belfast trilogy fight. Boo.

Looks like Brook is taking his mandatory against Spence, huzzah. Dangerous fight for kell. He looked like a decent size middleweight against GGG so I hope he can get back down there without killing himself. Fighting khan at that weight is one thing, Spence has good power and brilliant accuracy.


It’s only gunna be in fackin’ Sheffield then lads!!

I’m going to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a ticket aren’t I


Every time he’s fought in Sheffield over the past several years I’ve been busy. This time is no exception. Why does he hate me so?

Tough fight. 50/50 for me. Spence has looked like the real deal (admittedly against lesser opposition for the most part) and Brook’s only test in the past 3 years has been a pointless mauling from a monster of a middleweight. I hope he can pull it off but I’m worried for him.


it’s got a similar feel in a way to Joshua - Klitschko. Massively hyped prospect taking a massive step-up in class versus someone coming off of a massive defeat as a bit of an unknown quantity. Obviously how Brook handles the step back down in weight is going to be really important but, if he’s the same fighter he was pre-GGG I’d just favour him to outlast Spence and take a decision. Should be a corker though


see you there i reckon