Rolling Brand New Thread

No new album this year (surprise surprise)

TDAGARIM anniversary acknowledgement, special re-issue with the remastered demos on it’s way possibly?

“Strange demise” :cry:

Wonder if they’ll be playing Devil and God in its entirety on their UK dates even though it’s a support slot for Biffy Clyro. I really hope so as those tickets cost an absolute bomb and we’re mainly going for Brand New.

I doubt a support slot would be long enough for that surely? Hope so for your sake though. It’ll be their first London dates I’ve missed for like 8 years or something :disappointed:

Yeah especially as I’m a first-three-albums Biffy fan and people I’m going with can’t stand them. Quite a few people I know just bought tickets for Brand New as no one really knows if they’ll come back to the UK before they split.

I’ve only seen them once, the one-off Wembley Arena gig they did (2010?), Jesse didn’t really look very happy even back then but it was a fucking good gig from where I was standing (at the front because I am tiny and can’t see anything otherwise)

Yeah, that Wembley Arena show was the most disappointing one I’ve seen of theirs I think through venue choice alone really. Must have been cool for them though.

Brooklyn Bowl last year (?) was the best I think.

There’s some debate as to if that means no new record at all or just this year (which tbh I’d giving up on it coming out in 2016 anyway).

Once got The Devil and God for free.

Utter shit. No idea why people love this band so much.

Oh, theo


Brooklyn Bowl gig was magic, one of the best times I’ve seen them I reckon.


Wouldn’t surprise me if Brand New stay in this odd sort of limbo for the next ten years, playing every so often and releasing stuff once in a while.

They the new Death Grips.

I think what’s worth noting is that they have new stuff, it’s just not ready for an album release. The question is are they still dedicated to making that/an album?

Also, how many new songs are they going to play on this tour? given that they’ve not been playing anything properly new on recent tours.

can they announce a few small gigs in December, please?

Have you tried Daisy?

Got to say, I’m not THAT surprised you seemingly never had an emo phase…

Ha, true. I’ll try to give them another listen on Spotify later (listening out for the Ocado delivery right now.

At the time, though, I seem to recall Brand New fans telling me that I should listen to their earlier stuff instead so is that album one that grew on fans or do you guys not necessarily agree with their view on it?

Their statement that they think it’s their best work is interesting, almost sounds slightly retarding to their new output, if that makes sense? Like, most bands accept what their most successful album is and play ‘the hits’ but I usually get the sense they’re always living in the ‘now’ and consider the new stuff they’re making to be the best stuff they’ve made. Or act that way.


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It’s my favourite of theirs but they are legitimately a band that have sounded different with each album and I think the reason why a lot of people love them so much is that their progression as a band matches their progression as people.

First album: Pretty much a straight-up teen emo album (with flashes of what was to come) that people got into because they were emo teens

Second album: Much more grown-up, cohesive version of the first album’s sound with better, wittier lyrics and much more mature song structures etc, matches fans of the first album having grown up a bit.

Third album (TDAG): Fucking outstanding straight up rock album which would be judged a lot differently by non-emo audiences if it was a debut.

Fourth album: Doesn’t really sound like any of the ones that came before it. Sounds almost like a hardcore band in places but also experiments with some really funky basslines and distorted vocals and stuff.

Each of those albums came out at a time where they hit the exact sweet-spot for me (and loads of other people my age I’d imagine) for what I wanted from a guitar band. That in turn means I’ve never fallen out of love with any of the albums that came before them and they simultaneously hold nostalgic value as well as loving them in their own right.


That’s probably true, but I also think of that as the artist’s fallacy - they have to think that, or else what’s the point in continuing?

Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply that was the right way to think. It’s probably just the only way you can produce loads of material, like you say. And I suppose with some artists it’s right because they’ll come out with a total blinder late in their career and maybe you’d not have got that if they weren’t convinced each time it was the best.

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