Rolling Brand New Thread


Just finished my first listen. Think it’s definitely going to be a grower. So glad to have some new Brand New to digest


Stand-out so far, that sounds ripped from TDAG is Same Logic / Teeth


Blondie are playing the Academy on the Friday, but that’s not to say they mightn’t play elsewhere.


Aye, I really like that one as well although that line about fish is a bit weird/silly. That mid-section with 137 is where it really kicks into gear for me, liking No Control as well (especially the ending)

Not feeling ‘Could Never Be Heaven’ at all at the minute, don’t like it when he does his Morrissey impression.


Bloody stuck at the airport, delayed and can’t wait to get up the road and listen to this. :tired_face:


Really enjoying the ‘call backs’ to previous albums both through lyrics, musical themes/riffs or melodies and the in between recordings.


I am listening to TDAG for the first time properly. It’s very good.

Couple of years ago I would’ve been like ‘nah’, but I’ve been waned onto stuff like this through The Hotelier.


Get on Deja and Daisy as well while you’re at it then, they’re a billion times better than The Hotelier (who I love)


Even Your Favorite Weapon does the adolescent Emo better than the Hotelier, and I love the Hotelier.


I like the hotelier, but when I first saw them it was around the same time I’d seen mineral and brand new gigs, they really pale in comparison


What have you noticed so far? I heard something but can’t remember. The “seven years” bit?


It’s fucking beautifully produced eh?


I think it is utterly fantastic. Really can’t wait to get as familiar as I am with the previous three (I rarely spin the first).
Think the material is going to be amazing live too.


Aye, Daisy really came alive for me on that tour. Still hope they litter the set with some of the more anthemic stuff though, there are very few better things in live music than the lights briefly coming up and thousands of people yelling “DIE YOUNG AND SAVE YOURSELF” simultaneously innit.


Hell yeah. I see this new stuff slotting in wonderfully with the sing-a-long joy that the earlier material delivers.


Luca and Could never be Heaven musically
You Won’t know and Could Never Be Heaven Lyrically
In the Water and At The Bottom
’And we sing, this morning’ re recorded version of Daisy (the seven years bit)
There’s a line about ‘Take apart your head’ (can’t remember the track)
There’s a bit that has a riff from Sink (but I can’t remember which one)

There’s more but I’m still going through and can’t fully pay attention as I’m also doing budgets at work :-/


Don’t they reference Modest Mouse too? Lots of lovely little moments and again, a KILLER final track.


The seven years bit in and of itself being a Limousine reference along with the lyric “I don’t want to surrender or lose your face in a crowd” in Can’t Get It Out being a reference to that “never have to lose my baby in the crowd” backing bit on Limousine innit.


Brilliant. Thanks, I love stuff like this


I could def hear bits of R.E.M, Modest Mouse and Nirvana on there after one listen. It sounds like Jesse has written a lot of the lyrics again too