Rolling Brand New Thread


Definitely get the R.E.M. thing, there’s a real southern gothic feel about this record. And yeah definitely a lot of Nirvana too.


No Control is if Rivers Cuomo got a bit sad and did a Nirvana cover.


Exactly this!

I also wondered if the seven years was also why they tried to release it last autumn.


Also the vocals on Waste remind me a LOT of Jermaine Clement


So this isn’t the first time this artwork has been used…


Yeah I’d seen about that. It’s an artist’s piece. They added something to the license plate though? Or this band removed it/faded it with it’s filter they put on it.


Think the other version just blurs the original. Tbh the logo/name is shite so prefer brand new’s


I prefer mine tbh


I can’t look at that picture without really worrying about the girl in red and if she was hurt.

Also the girl in blue has a fantastically cinematic jumping/landing pose.


Took me ages to spot that :joy:


Had it on repeat all day and really starting to love it, feels increasingly like Could Never Be Heaven is going to end up being the first album track I skip every time since YFW :disappointed:


I reckon they all watched True Detective before recording this.

I like it though


That’s fucking nailed it, exactly the vibe I was trying to describe this morning :smiley:


I’m with you in that i also really dont get on with the country aesthetic but this doesn’t feel too country atm

I agree with the modest mouse and nirvana comparisons as well. Feels more Daisy than any other albums overall though


Yeah, it’s feeling less and less cowboy hats to me the more I listen, thank fuck…


What’s your favourite song so far?

I’m only on my 2nd listen but same logic/teeth and batter up are the standouts so far


Same Logic/Teeth, 137 and Batter Up


Really enjoying this. Though I eventually got to the point where I really like Daisy, it took a while. These tracks have a bit more of the density that make Devil and God great.

That said, I think a couple of them could have been left off the album. None of them are bad, but it does feel a tad repetitive around the middle, and lopping off one or two tracks would keep it all a bit more interesting I think. In The Water (which is 7 minutes long as well) is probably one I would have left off for another release.

As I listen to it more that could easily change though. The production, especially on that first track, is really lovely.

If this is the last album, then for me it’s a really decent one to go out on even if it doesn’t hit the heights of some of the previous releases.


This needs to hurry up and get on Spotify

(Although I never actually listened to Daisy, lol)


Not gonna be much of a segue into this for you in that case, just listen to it you defiant loon.