Rolling Brand New Thread


I’m not being defiant, just lazy! I really enjoy YFW, DE is one of my favourite albums of all time, but I struggle slightly with G&TD and I was worried Daisy wouldn’t quite work for me. But I will download it and listen to it on the way home.


Yet here I am, still nudeless


Same Logic / Teeth has that yelpy bent guitar noise in it I identify as Modest Mouse. Even his delivery feels lie Isaacs snarl.


The night is young x


Honestly can’t remember the last time I bought, listened through several times and got completely caught up in an album like this. The way they released it and the 8-year wait have no doubt helped but I think it’s also because you can tell how much they care about this album and how much work has gone into it.

It’s not beating Devil and God for me yet but that bar is too high for anyone really.


Agreed on Could Never Be Heaven, sounds by far the least interesting to me so far. I also skip Handcuffs on TDAG though…


In the middle of my first listen right now. Loving the Modest Mouse references, and is it just me, or is the guitar solo for “137” very reminiscent of Pearl Jam’s “Immortality” solo?


Also “Out of Mana” on first listen reminds me a bit of “Fairweather Friends” by QOTSA. (A good thing)


I adore this new record. I love the way they’re still pushing the envelope, there seems to be more emphasis on the more slower/soundscapy aspect of them but there’s still plenty of rock-out moments on it. This record being surprise-released has really made my week.


just about to listen to this, at last. no colouring required, I’m already excited.


Four songs in - bloody love it. Waste is my favourite at the moment.

God, I love this band.


As absurd as it is to review an album this early (that presumably had no early access for critics or anything) this is quite a good write-up:


Bloody hell, 451 is ridiculous and I mean that in a “I LOVE IT” way. :smiley:

Can we talk more about the new album please.


Slightly miffed that its slightly too long to be door to door for my walk to and from work (even when I skip Couldn’t Be Heaven which I’m going to continue to do I’m afraid :frowning: ) but that’s increasingly my only complaint, even the Americana/bible-belty nature of some of the sound is growing on my a lot. 137 is my early standout though.


That last paragraph just sums so much about why I love Brand New up - the idea that they could arrange their career to end as a callback to a song on their first record is exactly what I would expect them to do. Listening to some of the new record today, it really does feel like an attempt to sum up their career and to tie all their strands together. It’s great on its own, but given the context of it being ‘the final album’ it’s extra-powerful.


Yeah for definite. That lyric in Waste (I think) “if it’s breaking your heart, if nothing is fun, don’t lose hope my son, this is the last one” makes me dead sad when contextualised as part of it being the final record.


I’m being a bit slow - which song on YFW is the new one giving a nod towards?


Soco Amaretto Lime innit. I’m gonna stay 18 forever.


Ah cheers - only been through the album once. Now picking through songs that proper clicked with me.

The samples that link everything together are so Brand New, aren’t they? As in, only they could really pull it off quite this good. I quite like when bands/artists do this ('68/The Chariot/Josh Scogin are all/were/are great at it too) - but they fit so well with this as a whole.


Yeah, they absolutely nail an album having a specific aesthetic and those tapes and interludes are always a massive part of that.

Would love to know the story behind these latest ones, the ones from Daisy were just a load of old recordings of church services that Jesse bought from a yard sale apparently, would be dead good if there recent ones were from the same collection somehow.