Rolling Brand New Thread


I didn’t know that about the samples on Daisy, that’s really cool. I listened to Daisy twice at work today and feel I’ve been a bit unfair to it previously, it really is a fantastic record. Vices is such a raw, caustic opener. I never noticed how scrappy and ugly the guitars sound on it in places.

The samples on this sound like they’re from an exorcism or something. I keep thinking of Graf Orlock and their fake film samples for Crime Traveler that was released last year (in context, not in it sounds similar) and the band Megachurch, who actually use real samples of preachers and shit.

I’ve just put 451 on again. Think it might be my favourite track. What is it? I mean, that intro with the shaker. It sounds like some southern-rock foot-stomper.


Pitchfork prediction - 8.0

I’ve never listened to Brand New before, but thought I’d give The Devil and God a go - it’s really good!


Favourite tracks?


I’d be surprised it’ll it breaks 8, more like 7.3


IT. IS. AMAZING. Only been through it three times but I reckon it has the potential to become my second fave after TD&G (obvs) in the long run


Wish I was you right now! You’ve got 4 absolute belters of albums to get in amongst


Still in a bit of shock we’ve got a new album. Lovely lovely sneaky bastards!


So new QOTSA, Brand New, Converge… what’s next new Glassjaw… come on lads get yer finger oot


Not getting the distaste for Could Never Be Heaven. Admittedly it ain’t a highlight but treated as a segue into Same Logic, it does a job. It’s nice


Batter Up…I practically held my breath for the whole song waiting for a crescendo that never arrived. But considering the lyrics it was fucking perfect! I kinda feel like there’s a fair bit of humour tucked in there. And 137…holy shit! I wasn’t expecting much from that one for some reason.


Definitely an album that is/will and desevers to be picked apart. Arrrrrgh fucking love BN


Where is I am a nightmare tho


At the touch of a button on Spotify/Deezer etc. You baiting? I’m biting




451 is near perfect now. This song has so weirdly connected itself to me, an absolute standout.


Doesn’t need it chief, plus - it so wouldn’t fit the tone, even though it’s a banger.


Think/hope he’s taking the piss. As you say, would not fit


I’ve had 3/4 listens now but they’ve all been while travelling or at work so I haven’t given it my full attention yet. So it’s revealing itself but I really need to give it a proper focused listen.


Does anyone know who sings the ‘At the bottom of the ocean fish won’t judge you by your faults’ line in ‘Same Logic/Teeth’?


This is the bit I thought sounded like Muppet Treasure Island