Rolling Brand New Thread


haha, I know exactly what you mean, unfortunately.


It feels like a huge miss step on an otherwise near perfect record.


I really like that bit!


Isn’t it meant to be tongue in cheek? Me and my gf both burst out laughing at it and thought it must be intentional…


It may well be, either way it isn’t working for me.


I think the line would be less divisive / pronounced if it immediately kicked into distortion rather than going soft again. I’m ok with it though, it’s pure “We Were Dead”-era (or “Tiny Cities Made of Ashes”) Modest Mouse. He really sounds like Isaac there.


I was going to, but I didn’t get a ticket.


The album’s on Spotify now.


Belated reply, sorry…

I especially like Jesus Christ and Welcome to Bangkok on early listens. And the final minute of Luca.


The three-track run of Degausser > Limousine > You Won’t Know is absolutely perfect IMO and makes what surrounds it all the better.


Enjoyed this:


Haven’t posted on DiS in a decade I think but had to sign up again to have a place to experience this end of an era. Can barely listen to this album without a lump in my throat. You’ll see me at Brixton crying into a hanky.


This is AOTY for me by quite some distance. What an outstanding record. Totally taken by surprise too, always knew they were up to something.

What a band. Perfect discography.


“I can’t say it enough. Can’t sing it enough. So I find another way”

Ugly tears.

Agree with person upthread who wanted Batter Up to take off, though it is growing on me. Love the swagger of 451 and the satire in Desert. 137 is horribly prescient. I think Same Logic will be a winner live and was my immediate favourite off the album.


I know Ryan, he writes with @Owensmaterob for Track7 as well. I’ll leave it to Rob to whether he wants to stroke his ego about the positive feedback :wink:


Was it you who gave me some Brand New badges at Zonino 2? I’ve still got one on one of my bags.


He had a meltdown, stayed up until 2AM blogging about it, and Kerrang! then bought said meltdown off him. I don’t need to compound that level of validation :smiley:


I was going to say, I saw it on medium first.

Definitely reads like he was up all night with coffee and cigarettes and the albums, lyrics etc on the wall with a load of string. :smiley:
(Into it/same)


Gasoline can’t melt steel beams


oh by the way, Rob you can leave now. (Guys he doesn’t like the new album - get 'im)