Rolling Brand New Thread


What a dickhead! :smiley:


never been so angry all afternoon


Haha! DAG ones? Yeah that probably was me. I still have a load of them in a box somewhere I think


they’re the ones. some saying Brand new and some with TDAGARIM written in really small letters.


That’s some quality merchandise right there!


Interesting coming into this having never really heard the band before!


Guys, Devil and God has got me. It’s fucking GREAT. Can I have their guitar tone pls?




I just want to know why when Space used silly voices it was “wacky” and “kitsch”, but when Jesse Lacey does it, it’s “art”


this is internet bullying


I think you should listen to them!



of the highest calibre.


The best bit on this album is on Can’t Get It Out where he goes “manic dePRREEESSSIIIVVEE”. More thoughts to come.


Reminds me of when pearl jam went from sorta genre-y band to just an absolutely fucking solid rock band with vitalogy. Sounds just amazing too.


Agreed, it’s gonna be amazing live


You should listen to Deja Entendu next


Slightly envious of those discovering them for the first time. Maybe this will be their mainstream breakthrough and everyone I know will stop looking at my blankly when I say I’m off to see BN. Or not.


Didn’t understand c80% of the words used in that video but it’s the longest I’ve ever seen Jesse Lacey speak


This is the only band that I don’t feel that way about, the shared history is a major, major factor in their allure. You can’t replicate that feeling of finally getting a new record after eight years of waiting if you’re just getting into them now innit.