Rolling Brand New Thread


As someone that falls into this category, I don’t think I agree. I’d never had any interest in them and am only listening because literally every internet/social media site I look at is losing their shit over them having a new album out. I think growing up with this band and knowing the back catalogue would have improved my enjoyment of this album immensely. As it stands it’s just fine.


Oh absolutely. I wouldn’t exchange my position for their’s. But I vividly remember where I was when I first heard them (Sic Transit video, 3am MTV2, my parents sofa), and the day Deja became my favourite album (walking across Victoria station listening to the bridge from Tommy Gun) and the absolute joy of streaming Sowing Season of MySpace the night it was released. To have any of that to look forward to would be ace. Then again, arriving just as the party is coming to an end…

I realise I am slightly over invested.


Yeah one of the reasons I love this band is because I’ve grown up with them, from being 13 and identifying with the teenage angst of the YFW era, to being 15 and screaming along to Sic Transit Gloria at an under-18s night, to having my mind blown listening to an import copy of TDAG for the first time in my bedroom when I was in sixth form.


Yup exactly:


It’s no where near their best album, Devil and God, so you are right to say new one is fine :wink:


On it now pal. Recognise Sic Transit Gloria from various nights out


Funny listening to this album now for the first time. Ticks off so many emo tropes that it feels really contrived and dated, but they actually did it first?


It’s very of-it’s-time (less so than Your Favourite Weapon though). Do think it’s got more about it than it’s contemporaries though especially towards the back end. Good to Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have to Do Is Die is fucking brilliant once you look past it’s title and it comes at the end of another brilliant three-track-run IMO.


when I was a kid I knocked it back from it’s endless fucking plays on MTV2, but when I went back around the release of TDAGARIM it blew my tiny little mind beyond belief. similarly when I went back a relistened to the Deftones stuff I’d confined to the same bin as a whole host of dogshit back then.

I never expected to be listening to it 15 years later.


Do Devil and God next!


Then do Daisy after that!


…and prepare to be hugely disappointed! especially if you’d had any appreciation for the quality of their lyrics!


Oh boy, I’m starting to dislike Owen purely as a result of his connection to you and Owen is an extremely nice man… safetywink




Daisy is great, you pricks.


oh god boy who blocked his own shot just came on spotify :cry:


You could say this about literally any band or artist


Well yeah, obviously. I think not having the nostalgia is more of a barrier for entry with Brand New than other bands I love though innit.


earnest music is easy to write off, I guess


Yup, one of the most underrated qualities in music IMO, give me earnest but a bit cringeworthy over cool and aloof literally any day of the week.