Rolling Brand New Thread


think it depends on the band, but I know what you are saying


Hey, I was close!


I guess they couldn’t really give it above 8.5. Glad it got BNM though.


Shocked by how good it is, assumed with them just releasing the odd song and old demos that they were pretty much done but this could be their best album, definitely their best sounding album


Keep going back to ‘In The Water’. Genius song.


Yes! Absolutely one of my favourites too!


Interestingly, the Kerrang! article you linked to was written by someone who discovered Brand new about a year after Daisy was released


Really? That is interesting, doesn’t read that way at all.


Same here. I’m absolutely loving the album in general.

I’m gutted I missed out on tickets for Brixton.


Nerds gonna nerd :smiley:


…but more seriously, it seems one can go down the Brand New rabbit hole regardless of whether that lifelong relationship lasts. The 8-year wait is probably a big part of that - lots of time for people to fill with their own thoughts and theories.


Doesn’t quite beat TDAG for me but it’s a nice companion to have alongside it.

I think what I’ve realised is great about science fiction is that they’ve traded theatrics for just smart (albeit very modest mouse inspired) songwriting


Waste might be my favourite Staind song




I’ll admit it, this is more #content than a review

I kinda wish I gave myself more time but what can you do? The world demands content. For instance I’ve only just noticed how socio-political the album is since writing


lets be honest, this new album is a total bore . completely devoid of any tunes


I don’t agree with your assessment but I respect your viewpoint.

(It took a few listens and I have pretty much removed Could Never Be Heaven and Desert from it but I’m in love with it now, loads more going on with it than it initially sounded like)


tbf its only the first listen and I am at work so its not the most immersive environment but it’s just really dull. I liked one song where there’;s a deep voice for some reason in it but the rest is just…there

it feels like they’re trying too hard


Did you like Daisy?


never listened to it (aside from Vices which Zane Lowe played once)