Rolling Brand New Thread



Tbf, if I’d just listened to this once and that was it I’d have been disappointed as well. They’ve earned the right for me to have given it at least three or four full listens before writing it off though and I’m completely on board with it after a week’s worth of getting to know it. Had to force myself to listen to something else today so I don’t get sick of it in fact.

It’s very much an album’s album as opposed to anything I can imagine making any sense if a track from it came on shuffle or something


The only song I’d drop is No Control. It’s a bit of a bore fest. Parts of 451 aren’t quite doing it for me either… sound a bit Fall Out Boy (shudder). Other than that it’s very very good


I love Desert


I love dessert!


Mate listen to it more than once :sweat_smile:


I like no control but yeah 451 is a stinker


I kind of agree. I’ve listened to it half a dozen times and it is … fine. I miss the loud-quiet dynamic that they do so well. I just keep waiting for the songs to rip and it never comes. Don’t really get why the internet is losing their collective shit over it.*

*Full disclosure: I hate Daisy.


Yeah, this was my initial disappointment as well but the more I’ve stuck with it the more they’ve sort of materialised for me, it’s weird


I seem to be the only person who loved I am a Nightmare. Where are the pop bangerz?


I quite like it as well, wouldn’t make any sense at all on this album though and I’m glad they’ve done another album that continues their progression of sound as opposed to the throwback one that would have been fun but not very interesting.


I think the problem with this album is that I listen to too much screamo and not indie rock, and that the songs don’t build up in the way that I expect them too.

It’s an OK album with plenty of decent moments but at the end of the day, the story of everything surrounding it is more interesting than the album itself.

That said these songs will work well in a live setting, and will fit with the rest of their catalogue, so very excited to see them in Brixton.


Are you skipping can’t get it out?


theres nothing in it that grabbed me and made me want to listen again


I love the new album.


I absolutely love I Am A Nightmare. Strong tune, fizzing guitars and a misheard lyric about unicorns…a classic


Not even can’t get it out?

Anyway the reason I say that is because it is a total grower, I wasn’t hot on it at first either


After many fuzzy distracted listens it’s revealing itself to me (still can’t wait for the CD though). Ranking them is pointless as they’re all so different but I think it’ll be one of my personal favs.

I don’t mind the ‘fish won’t judge you by your bones’ bit its more just deep than comedic and reminds me a bit of the modest mouse ‘an island of shells and bones where bodies will rest’ line from what people are made of.

I also like no heaven without you or whatever the title is, it’s a nice calm moment of the record.


Nah it’s easy

TDAG > Science Fiction > Deja Entendu >> Daisy > your new favourite weapon


But how do you rank personal fun preference with objective musical quality? Like I really enjoy YFW but it’s objectively not a better album than Daisy or Devil and God but maybe for fun I enjoy it more.


TDAG > Science Fiction > Daisy > Deja > YNFW