Rolling Brand New Thread


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Close enough


I’m one of those that got into them retroactively. Watched MTV2/Kerrang when the singles off Deja were getting rinsed and enjoyed them to a point but was pulling away from the “emo” scene by then. Read a good review of Daisy, downloaded it and TDAG and was BLOWN THE FUCK AWAY. Couldn’t believe it was the same band. Not sure if there’s been another band in my life time that has shown such obvious ‘growing up’ by each album



TDAG > Daisy = Deja > Sci Fi > YFW


piss off, 451 is the best track.


This might be the first time I’ve ever disagreed with you Shucks… Hope it’s not a sign of things to come…


I don’t have much history with Brand New, passed me by on their early albums and I checked out daisy based on good reviews but never went back to it much…all that being said I think this new record is pretty special. Looking forward to going back through their discography with a new perspective


So have you not heard Devil & God? Oh boy, you’re in for a massive treat


I know I’m excited about checking it out based on this thread. I may have heard bits and pieces of it but never as a whole


If you like Daisy and Science Fiction you will love TDAG. It’s basically all the best bits of each but the songs are just so beyond both




Cba with this record at all






I really don’t venerate TDAG to the same extent that a lot people do. There’s a couple tracks on there that just aren’t on a par with the rest. I don’t skip any tracks on Daisy. Tried to listen to Deja but I can’t get past its more generic elements. Know I won’t get on with the first album because of this.


Deja Entendu is the best album you tryhards.


You’re totally right in the last sentence. I don’t find anything in YNFW to bother with. Everything after is just so much better



post can’t be less than blurgh blurgh


You don’t have to mate, that’s the point

This thread is annoying

(Not a dig at you Nick you’re sound)


Badman by name… badman by nature :wink: