Rolling Brand New Thread


451 is the song FOB have spent the last 10 year trying to write but never maged




TDAG=Deja > Daisy > sci fi > YFW

Not that the new album is bad but come on guys


sci fi>deja>tdag>yfw>daisy


This has been stuck in my head for days. Love this album.


Another one who loves 451.

For me, this week anyway, it’s Deja > TDAG > YFW > Science Fiction > Daisy. And it’s pure sentimentality deciding that


Oh exactly, I think that was my point as well in a round about way! :slight_smile:


Genuinely think the leaked demos are my favourite. Listen to them all three time.


Three times?! :astonished:


Think Nobody Moves stands alongside their absolute best stuff. Weak ending aside it’s a fucking incredible track.


Owen’s idiot mate rob


Don’t get the Fall Out Boy comparison on 451; I must be missing something.


Yeah it’s more beautiful people by Marlyn Manson


Getting this vibe more:


Yeah, that’s a good call. Also kind of like the second part of the verse of “Dumb Love” by Stone Temple Pilots. I hear a lot of 90s influences all over the album, and in a good way. I’m really liking this album so far.


It’s got something of a few of the singles they’ve put out in the last few years to it. I’ll try and find an example later. Totally get the MM comparison too, @Severed799

Just for the avoidance of doubt, it’s a great song.


For me at the moment this ranks a little higher than Daisy, it’s definitely more coherent/consistent though there’s maybe nothing that hits the heights of Vices or At The Bottom.

Fully expecting it to grow more on me, but realistically it’s not going to exceed Devil and God or Deja Entendu. I don’t go back to Deja often, but when I do it never loses its impact.


I like it, it’s got the same sort of unhinged runaway-train momentum that Archers had in the same penultimate track position on TDAG. Archers had that fucking transcendent chorus though.


Yeah, and the penultimate track on deja too, in a way


Husband just handed me a Soco Amaretto Lime. Can’t decide if it’s atrocious or delicious. It’s certainly potent :face_with_raised_eyebrow: