Rolling Brand New Thread


TKOL2, anyone?


Lovely stuff


TKOL2 and still waiting on the second half of the last Kendrick album to surface too.

Oh, and Daft Punk’s 2017 tour announcement (nailed on for Glastonbury)


I Am A Nightmare is bloody brilliant, but it would be pretty jarring popping up on this.

Honestly think the ‘bangers’ reveal themselves over time - took me a good 7 or so listens to ‘get’ the album but I really like it now.

That twee folk sub-Simon & Garfunkel ‘never be heaven’ bullshit can get fucked though.


Starting to like you a bit more here Robert.


Wasn’t this “conspiracy” started by a random though? There’s no way another record is incoming. This feels too final.


yeah, but the last thing they say on 451 is “wait”!!!


and the band name is Brand New which surely means we can expect some more Brand New material any second now.


you had me

you lost me.

It’s not the best on the album by any stretch but it’s basically luca, made a bit better throughout rather than having to wait till the end of the song for anything interesting.


Could Never Be Heaven is comfortably their worst song IMHO


Bed says you’re wrong m9


My favourite of the 3 albums I’ve heard so far


Submitted for DIS’ consideration: quite possibly the worst review of anything, in any medium, ever. in @elthamsmateowen’s words, “So wide of the mark it reads like it’s trolling for shares”


Such rambling drivel, it reads like an Ultimate Warrior promo


That’s coz it is the best one :wink:


Kevin Devine has joined Brand New as a touring guitarist/singer. Pretty cool. Wonder if he’ll be playing the uk shows.


That would be pretty great. Please can we also have KD&TGBD supporting, with Jesse guesting.


Probably a high chance of this happening if you ask me. They’re always playing together.


yeah. Pretty sure they’ve not played together (in a supporting way) over here since 2009 either.


I’d be pretty chuffed if they did. Think I missed him in 09 and maybe caught the last song when he supported Manchester Orchestra.

Would love it if they brought mewithoutYou back over though, that’d be class!