Rolling Brand New Thread


I’m pretty certain I saw KD supporting Brand new sincr 2009.

I met Jesse at KD’s Borderline show 10 years ago! Last time I saw kd (last year maybe? Lost track) he was manning his own merch stand. Always seems like a stand up guy. Would be delighted to see him play with them, especially if this is the last hoorah.


Hope KD does support, though based on his statement it reads more like he won’t be doing any solo stuff, be it performance or otherwise.


Christ if it has been 8 years my life has flashed before my eyes. I vividly remember him doing a Nirvana cover.


Nada Surf are supporting in the States


Bloody Nada Surf!!! Come on now! How tasty is that!?


This album was written by Modest Mouse in their co-headline tour right? I mean it sounds like a Modest Mouse album with different vocals… I mean I’m fine with that because it’s a very good Modest Mouse album.


They’re always had that modest mouse influence and it is very prevalent on this album. But I’ve always loved that part of them.




I clearly need to listen to more Modest MOUse.

My favourite bit of the album currently is the end of Same Logic. Looking forward to the CD dropping through the door next month.


End of same logic is probably the most modest mouse moment so yeah I’d recommend you do!


Yeah if you like the end of that song I suggest a trip to Moon & Antarctica/Lonesome Crowded West asap


Actually Jesse’s cover of trailer trash is a good place to start


Have you all seen this? Can’t download the high res to my phone but have dropped big Christmas present hints IMG_0942




Quick read of the thread suggests she’s had a cease and desist notice so download them quick!


Cheers :ok_hand:


Beginning of In The Water sounds just like Talk Talk


great album


Had a dream last night that we turned up for November’s gig, Jesse had some kind of breakdown and instead of playing they made us all watch an educational film. No more cheese before bed.


More like the rolling quite old thread now am I right!