Rolling Brand New Thread


Well that’s a Brand New joke.



after exhausting Devil and God… I’ve finally got round to spinning Science Fiction. It’s fucking brilliant. What a great year for music.


Yeah, it’s fantastic. Do we know if the UK are getting a limited vinyl version or are they all black?


I pre-ordered the limited one so I’m very much hoping I get that one!


Same. Got in under the wire. No cd for me though. Did any Disr’s get one??


I don’t think they sent them to the UK from what I can tell, some other guy in my office managed to get the limited pre-order in very early and got nothing. I accidentally ordered twice and the first one was cancelled so not sure if that was what it was based on


Me and the Mrs both managed to get one, unbeknownst to each other. I’m hoping they don’t twig and cancel one of the orders. I think some non-US residents got one, thought I saw on their reddit


They would have mailed by now if they had cancelled it I think.


I’m still waiting on my Science Fiction t-shirt :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh shit, so am I actually! Would definitely have forgotten about that…


I’ve had an email today re:shipping for the CD so may be an update coming your way


I live how the “I never get tired of it” sounds really tired of it.


CD and Brixton tickets arrived today. Hooray!



LOL that right aye


So I FaceTime my mum earlier on the week, she’d just been away for a few days. “…And I thought to myself, I really should listen to these Brand New people you keep talking about. So I had a look on Spotify and the first one was quite nice. Melodic like. But the next one was a right headbanger”

I’m going to work on her :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Fell down the Reddit rabbit hole (fangirling pretty hard, clearly) and Jesse said in Charleston night before last I think “we’ll be a band for another 14 months”. So there’s potential for another tour here next year maybe. But I think I’ll be approaching Brixton as the last for me.


Pretty sure they’ll do some festivals over here/ europe and yeah, hopefully a tour.


Big UK farewell at the O2 IMO.