Rolling Brand New Thread


Might have 2 standing Glasgow tickets. They’re email tickets like, how do you sell these?


Doesnt Jesse always saying theyre splitting up


Think this is properly it though.


Any word on support act yet?


Gotta go to my aunt’s 60th instead of the Brixton gig #familyfirst #gutted


still no t-shirt - ordered it in august!!!


Shipping in November (along with the limited vinyl which is also later than advertised)


Ahh okay, cheers ant


no. I keep checking anywhere i can think of that might announce it, but nothing. I remember when they played Ally Pally, Jess said he only knew 3 UK bands: Xcerts, Dinosaur Pile Up and Basement. I’m hoping that either they’ve heard some more bands from these shores, or they’re bringing someone. I’d be happy enough with Kevin Devine, i guess.


I hope there’s no support and they just play all their albums in their entirety instead






I mean, I feel that might be a bit much but I’m not sure what it would be a bit much of, and I’m sure whatever it is a bit much of would be good.


It would mean I could turn up just as YFW was finishing (so I don’t miss the Utd Newcastle match) and then enjoy a lovely time for a few hours.


you say a few, but i’m sully expecting the appropriate extensions to be added. this is looking like almost 6 hours in total.


(In all seriousness, I’m hoping they do full album shows for their farewell tour next year)


it would be really good. Although I’m slightly averse to knowing what’s coming next, it would be an actual excuse to see them multiple times. I was disappointed they didn’t bring that tour over here when they did it a few years back.


Aye, I think album-in-their-entirety-shows do remove the element of setlist surprise obviously and ordinarily they’re not my favourite thing but, on the other hand, when it’s going to be the last chance to ever see them I’d love to be able to go out having seen everything they’ve done.


they almost did this at Brooklyn Bown no? Reserve order and edited highlights but


I was at that show, it was a varied setlist for sure but I don’t think it would fit that description tbh