Rolling Brand New Thread


I know you were, that’s why I’m asking :wink:

Not quite as a I remembered, but albums are grouped together


They tend to do that, as it limits the need to change equipment during the set. I think Deja is a detuned semitone or something. maybe other things are different too, but it’s to limit changes either way.


fair, yeah I’m pretty sure that’s right re: Deja


When I saw them about 8-9 years ago, they played everything off Deja, apart from Good To Know If I Ever…


Martha supporting the UK dates




Fuuuuuuck I’m so excited about this gig


Ireland get Kevin Devine.

not really that fussed by Martha, they’re ok, I guess, I bit twee.


Yeah, I couldn’t give a toss about them. Will be arriving post-support anyway I think.




Brand New either have amazing supports or terrible supports in the UK from memory. This is massively in the latter camp.


Very incorrect


Dreadful band


I Am The Avalanche
Saves The Day…



Manchester Orchestra
Kevin Devine


I’ve never listened to them on record but I saw them on tour with Joyce Manor and it was loads of fun. It’s a weird choice for Brand New though.


Glassjaw were absolutely appalling at that Wembley show.


I enjoyed it, more so than the 7/7/7 show for some reason.


Martha are great you bunch of flannels.


Martha arent twee. Saw them with Joyce.Manor and they were 100x better