Rolling Brand New Thread


They were excellent at Joyce Manor and at Propagandhi back in August, storming set - absolute bangers all round. Really chuffed for them they’ve got the Brand New gigs, that’s ace for them! :slight_smile:


Yeah they’ve got GIRLS in their band BLEUGH!


Not really sure what you’re getting at here, pal.


Never heard of Martha (two kids, old lady, blah blah blah) but listened tonight and like how they’ve chosen a support band to play stuff that sounds a bit like YFW so they likely dont have to bother playing any actual songs from YFW.


Ahh feck


Just commented on that in the Weinstein thread. Don’t know what to say. Fuck sake.


Pretty damn pissed off about this. Obviously the early lyrics were creepy, but I had no idea about this sort of behaviour. They’re my second favourite band. SF is my album of the year, I’m not sure how I feel about the artist vs art thing here, until he responds but they are huge influence on me and in a selfish kevel that’s gutting. He needs to urgently address this in full, making apologies to whoever he wronged as a very minimum. I hope at the very least this hasn’t continued to happen over the last ten years, and that he has grown up, not that that’s an excuse for doing this at any age in any era. Most important in all of this is those who have been on the receiving end, so support to them, I can’t imagine how dreadful it would be to experience that level of abuse.


Oh for fucks sake.


I’m still trying to process this to be honest. Brand New mean(t) so much to me.


Fffffsssssss why is everyone an arsehole


Oh fucking hell.


Selfishly I am absolutely gutted about this. No idea what to do about the show next week as well. Don’t feel like going at this point.


Always hoped songs like Me vs Maradona vs Elvis were done in character like Desert on the new album, not so sure anymore


I imagine if there is even a shred of truth to the allegation it won’t be going ahead.



Don’t care for Martha musically, but that support slot must have been a real coup for a band of their size, so fair play to them for making the decision to drop out. Got a lot of respect for them.


Absolutely this.


not quite sure how to phrase this in an appropriate way as obviously it is insignificant compared to the real issue, I think there is something interesting in that a lot of his lyrics are about struggling with a darkness in himself that he hates himself for, as I listener I always assumed it was either depression making him really hard on himself, or some genuine past behaviour he now has trouble living with (or a mixture of the two), but assumed whatever it was would be something ‘acceptable’, being selfish, hurting people etc (not that that is acceptable, but relatively speaking), as it transpires he may have actually crossed the line into completely unacceptable territory, it puts those albums in a different light, so the whole separating the art from the artist things becomes impossible because the art is actually more connected to the artist than ever.


And to think he was only one year away from retirement


Yeah this is just terrible. Feel absolutely awful for the victim here. This is the first time that someone I’m quite close to has been at the center of something like this and I have no idea how he can come back, or if he deserves to. What can he say? Admit to it, apologise profusely, donate shit loads of money to survivor charities, or, be the subject of a police investigation because this person was FIFTEEN years old?

This music genre has a really horrible track record with treatment of women (as does everywhere in society at the moment) and it’s just so disappointing because Brand New always seemed smarter and like they were above it. Turns out Jesse Lacey has done things as shitty as the rest.

I’m surprised that a day later there haven’t been more people coming forward. There’s reasonable doubt that this behaviour was not a one off, and it’s sickening to think that while there was all the good Brand New/Jesse Lacey has done for the fans, the money and encouragement from that fan loyalty has resulted in the manipulation of potentially many young women.