Rolling Brand New Thread


Brand New’s silence on this is deafening, and, well, very Brand New. That mystique building shtick won’t cut it this time, though. If their support act can see, understand and respond to the allegation then so can Lacey and the band.


So this has been confirmed to have happened has it? Not just a post on the internet by an unspecified source. Genuine question as responses on this thread are suggesting so.


Wrong tack to take pal. Doubting survivors is not a good look.


Not doubting anyone mate. It’s horrific if it’s true.


Why would you not believe her?


I didn’t say I didn’t believe her but apologies if it read that way.


It reads that way because you said it.


Asking if something has been confirmed says you’re looking at it from a point incredulity.



It’s all very…non-specific isn’t it? “He was a creep between the years of 2002 and 2004.” I’m not suggesting anyone should have to share more detail if they’re not ready to. If he comes out and categorically denies everything I don’t really know where to go with it. Fully expecting the UK&Ire dates to be pulled at this stage, which to be honest may be a relief while all this is brought out into the open.


some people are getting very specific on that facebook thread their ex-guitar tech started, genuinely surprised that the band havn’t released a statement yet - this looks like it might get really bad.


Got an e-mail this afternoon telling me that my t-shirt I ordered in August dispatched today. Fuck’s sake. This whole situation makes me feel sick.


Mine arrived today. Not opened it yet.


How so? I read it up to about 3am and the only allegation of any apparent substance was the one which has made the headlines.


I wonder if running their own label is a hindrance in the PR stakes - if they were still in a major they’d have people writing these statements for them


I’m coming across as an apologist there; I don’t intend to.


Mine arrived yesterday, tempted to chance asking for a refund if only to see what kind of response the store comes out with.


i think the comment i was thinking of might have got deleted, or buried in some replies. the guy who put a load of posts up on twitter about lacey doing the same thing to his ex has since deleted all of those, too, so i’m not sure now. still looking to see if they got put back up somewhere else.


Won’t deny I am overanalysing at this stage, in the absence of an official statement however:

Max Bemis is married to Jesse Lacey’s ex


From that series of tweets: