Rolling Brand New Thread


Still trying to process it all. One of my all time favourite bands.

Basically; fuck him, fuck the band for thinking that statement is in anyway ok and carrying on like everything’s cool. Poor lassie who has gone through all that, I’m sure she feels absolutely no comfort or resolution from Jesse’s statement, if anything it must be even harder to see him play the victim and blame it on sex addiction. I’m sure he’s abused many more, but if she’s the only one it’s still disgusting.

I’ve had to stop reading comments. Far too many people giving it the “as if you’ve never made mistakes” pish. No time for it.

Rotten. Fuck him.



Postponed is interesting. A poor choice of word IMO. Implies they think it will all blow over.

Bit relieved as have to be honest I was wavering on whether I wouldn’t go. Selfish, hypocritical.


I thought so too, like “we’ll give the fans a bit of time, then when everyone’s forgotten about this whole debacle we’ll have a hero’s return”. Nope.


Harsh, but absolutely spot on.


Agreed. I’ll absolutely be taking the refund option.


I listened to Science Fiction for the last time this morning. Was a very different listening experience.


yeah I’mnot sure I cango back to it… and I had just listed it as my third favourite record of the year


I think given the victim’s pain, it’s about right


Drove up to Loch Lomond on Friday and listened to the album on the way up (didn’t have enough time to finish it, missed the last track), then heard the news on Friday night… feels very weird. I don’t want to go back to it. Was my favourite album this year too.


I totally agree. Sorry, that might not have been the right word I guess.


Totally - I was readying to rinse their back catalogue this week in anticipation of seeing them for the first time on Sunday.


it’s ok, it’s a weird and disappointing time for many people, just the victim(s) should not be forgotten




Listened to Science Fiction this morning. Can confirm it’s a terrific album that I’d have loved to understand more/grow with.

Can also confirm that the revelations about his personal life have utterly changed it for me, and I won’t be listening to it again any time soon.

Was thinking last night: how can he possibly sing a line like ‘If they don’t put me away, it’ll be a miracle’, or ‘lie for fun and fake the way I hold you, watch you fall for every empty word I say’, and countless others again?

Even if he fronted it out it would just be so uncomfortable…


Christ I am so fucking angry for everything he has destroyed. Both for the people he hurt directly and for the way he has forever tarnished what has meant so much to me for so long.


Email from Brixton says will not be rescheduled and refunds will be issued automatically, so should be no need to request one


Yeah, I had 2 emails from seetickets saying they’re crediting a refund to my card.

I wish I’d never heard of this band.


Despite the official communication saying postponed, it absolutely appears these shows are cancelled.
I’d be very surprised if they ever come back.


Yeah… just reading that sends uncomfortable shivers down my spine. Like hiding in plain sight. Jesse Spacey statement has right pissed me off as well.