Rolling Brand New Thread


What an absolute mess. Have any other accounts come out other than that initial one? Someone mentioned above some more had, but I couldn’t find any.




What a dick


Fucking hell. That’s so awful. Fuck him so much.


A third woman also blogged about a very similar experience to the above. She was 17 when it started so slightly different - but the pattern is crushingly similar. An affair segregated from his ‘real’ life. Presents, age gap, manipulation, and went on for years with him dropping in and out of contact at irregular intervals/changing his phone number and email addresses with weird regularity, making her drop everything at a moments notice :confused:


I feel ill knowing that my t-shirts and CDs have paid for this fucking piece of shit to buy underwear and bikinis for teenage girls


One instance was bad and enough to change my relationship with the band, but it’s quickly starting to look like a pattern of predatory, manipulative behaviour, specifically geared towards people who would have less power and mobility than him. Really shit.


Weirdly both Glasgow and Dublin ticket holders are being told it’s been postponed and to keep hold of tickets for a rescheduled date. Can’t help but think it’s a ploy by venues to keep hold of people’s cash.


Yeah I’m sceptical too but… no way they’re coming back from this now. They’re going to have to accept it as cancelled and refund us eventually, right?


I need to word this carefully, because I don’t want anyone to think that I think what Jesse Lacey did is in any way OK, or that I have anything other than absolute sympathy and support for his victim. Or victims, because let’s be straight - there are going to be a lot of these stories out there.

Didn’t think he could be this bad, of course, it’s next-level stuff. But the pedestal he’s been put on by so many people surprises me. He acts like a dick on stage, many of his lyrics paint the picture of someone who’s a callous cunt and doesn’t really care about it.

I feel for all of you on this thread who feel let down, I totally hear that. I hadn’t realised until today how much of an ally Jesse was considered, or at least assumed to be.

Does thinking I can still enjoy Brand New (not SUPPORT - but listen to) make me a bad person? idk.One of those things where you suddenly realise your experience of a cultural phenomenon is drastically different to everyone around you. It’s odd when that happens.

EDIT: I realise I’m fairly new here so I hope this will be taken in good faith, rather than thinking I’m trying to be a hipster or an edgelord or a Guy Who Knew This Was Coming. Not that at all. I’m heartbroken for all of you who’ve lost an idol or a favourite band, I just like to pick apart stuff like this. sorry in advance if I’ve upset or offended anyone.


this doesn’t really answer you but they just came on my “2017 playlist” (made a couple weeks ago) and I shuddered and skipped. Not sure if this can/will change…


I agree, when there were allegations against Conor Oberst I was quite shocked, because to me, as flawed as he is it was the total opposite of what I thought he was about, and the message of his music, where as with Jesse he seemed to be singing about, and struggling with being a bad person, I didn’t expect him to be this bad obviously, now it would feel weird listening to his music not because it has taken on new meaning but because the original meaning was more real then I realised. Now I think he shouldn’t have released these albums, profiting from it doesn’t seem right


Yeah absolutely and to be fair I haven’t actually listened to them since
this happened. Mainly because emo and I were on a stag do as all this was

I’m kind of derailing the conversation so I’m going to shut up now. I guess
I was very selfishly interested to know whether anyone else is low-key not
that shocked


I’d heard some stuff about him being a bit shitty, and yes his lyrics and persona add to that, but no reason to really believe it or what it was


I think there’s a big leap between being a bit of an arse and being the predator he’s being proven to be. I’d always naively assumed the lyrics were a result of self-loathing for how he’d treated people but adults, not this degree of manipulation over many years - I don’t think anyone could have seen that coming. Looking back over lyrics now it’s stark but then I never would have assumed it was all autobiographical - Limousine isn’t, Desert isn’t etc etc. It’s just story telling. The stage persona was always a bit hit and miss - I met him once and he was really genuinely kind when I was on a bit of a low, and took time out to talk to me (and I wasn’t 15). But then I’ve been at shows of theirs and he hasn’t even acknowledged the audience - and others where the connection has been unreal (Manchester Academy being my highlight, maybe 5 or so years ago). I dunno. It’s hard to reconcile all the different sides of my experience with them together with what has clearly been going on in quiet behind the scenes.


I always naively thought that all the songs where he sings about being a bad person were hyperbole or in character, like bunique said. We’ve all felt like shitheads several times in our lives and hearing someone else describe that feeling makes you feel less alone I guess. That coupled with the fact that a lot of people around my age (I’m 27) grew up with the band, matured with the band (or so we thought), I think a lot of fans feel like we related to and connected with something throughout our lives that turned out to be horrific and completely at odds with what we imagined, and that’s tough to deal with.

I would like to separate the art from the artist, but in this case, knowing the inspiration behind the seedier lyrics, I can’t.


Cancelled my limited SF vinyl order (which I was so excited to score at the time) and made steps to return the t-shirt. Can’t separate art from artist in this case either. At least not at the moment.


How did you cancel the vinyl? I was under the impression it was non-refundable?


Ah sorry I meant I just emailed Procrastinate to cancel it. Assumed it would be okay under usual regs around retail purchases. Even if not, in the circumstances you’d like to think they’d understand if people wanted to cancel.


saw them live about ten years ago. i left feeling like he hated his fans. felt like something different to just being ‘mysterious’. havent been able to connect with them quite as much since (was just starting to get into the new album tho), kept a little mental distance. maybe he kept that distance knowing one day the gig would be up and he’d be able to bow out easier (yall already knew i was an asshole!). the blanket statement not addressing anything specific felt to me like and admission that there’s a large number of victims. hope the affected are able to find peace.