Rolling Brand New Thread


Need to check if mine has been dispatched already, will definitely be cancelling if it hasn’t been.


Is yours the limited edition? Got an email a few weeks back saying that one was delayed and would be being dispatched mid-November. Had nothing since confirming dispatch so assuming it should just be okay to cancel. See what they say I guess.


Yeah it was. I’ll fire off an email now, cheers.


Vinyl and t-shirt refunded. Should mean yours will be too if you haven’t heard already.


Just sent off an email too, hopefully will be refunded shortly


Cheers mate. Had confirmation on the vinyl refund and expect I’ll hear back on the t-shirt from Awesome Distro soon.


Band are 100% done. Totally insane. The other members should get out from under this thing if they’ve got any sense.


That headline is a little misleading given the first woman is the one who made the original Facebook comment which brought everything to light;and the second is the one who leaked webcam photos of JL a good few years ago, so their “relationship” was already known about - she also posted on the original Facebook post but without any details. The details aren’t good, obviously, but it reads like these are two new allegations when they’re not.


Yeah, that’s partly what I mean. Major publications hunting around for ‘gotchas’. It’s not going to be quietly forgotten…


Absolutely - two other musicians were being named on twitter yesterday so I think the truth is slowly coming out. I don’t think we’ve seen the half of it yet, be it film, music or politics.


Could you tell me who, either here or by PM? I always fall behind when it comes to twitter


Not two i’d heard of but they were being mentioned in comments regarding this situation- Luke Rockets of With Confidence and Austin Carlile of Attack! Attack!/Of Mice and Men. Well, both formerly of.


There’s some more being called out in this Twitter thread too. I don’t really know the bands in question but think it’s a similar scene perhaps?

Some grim stuff in here.


They even appeared in the Daily Mail side bar of shame

(Link - please don’t click it and generate page hits for the Daily Mail).


The preview text of their wikipedia page lists them as a “was” instead of an “is”. Could be it’s all over, I mean, surely it will be?




I hope so.

They seemed to have their perfect ending planned, riding off into the sunset after a perfect run of albums and “stay 18 forever” and it was almost within reach. I’m glad he’s had the ending spoiled for him. After all he’s done, they don’t deserve that legacy.


Didn’t one of the women work for Alternative Press? I remember listening to their podcast yeeeeeeeaaaaaars ago (maybe in excess of 10 years) where they would allude to their hatred of Brand New, but it seemed to be about their being aloof and perceived to be arrogant. I’m sure they used to say stuff like, “if we get enough requests we’ll tell you some stories regarding them”. I wonder if they knew all along?


Emily Driscoll (spelling?) released her screen shots years ago but she’s an adult in them so I don’t think anyone dug deeper.

Glasgow and Dublin now officially cancelled, not postponed.


Feel no real sympathy but, as with Ian Watkins, I am intrigued by how hard a fall like this must feel. We’ve all made mistakes in our time and had that feeling of ‘the world hates me’, but what must it be like when that’s actually true? And when you’re coming down from being idolised to being reviled?

These overnight changes in fortune seem like a new phenomenon (to me at least).