Rolling Brand New Thread


I’d have thought the difference here would be that Jesse Lacey has (allegedly) recognised his issues and been seeking professional help for a number of years (he’s been married 4 and I think his statement inferred he’d been in some kind of treatment since before he got married). You’d have thought that therapy would have touched on what would happen if it all came out publicly or at least he now has the necessary support systems in place. I did wonder though as he suggests he’s been receiving help for his ‘addiction’ if it’s a 12 step type thing I thought one of those was making amends to all those who had been affected and yet there’s no real suggestion he’s reached out to the women, from what’s come out so far anyway.

Quite frankly couldn’t give a flying fuck how Ian Watkins feels about anything, absolute scum of the earth that he is. Hope he suffers horribly, daily.


I guess making amends with them would have been tricky, I imagine many people who have been abused would not appreciate their abuser returning to their life to try and alleviate his own conscience/protect career, might be best to stay the hell away, but now it has all come out his response is definitely lacking


So err. Whatcha all doing tonight? We’re still heading to London. Staying near Old Street so recommendations welcome. I am neither hip nor beardy enough to know my way around Shoreditch.


Dinerama’s good if you’re looking for food and drink. Think it’s still free entry if you get there before 6. If you’re feeling flush maybe try queuing for a table at Nightjar, I imagine it’ll be rammed with reservations this late in the day mind.


We spotted Dinerama and thought it looked worth a visit! If we don’t get last minute show tickets will head there and not think about the dent in the bank balance.


Yeah it’s best to go with it and let your nose make the decisions rather than your head.


i used to go to nightjar sometimes as my band’s rehearsal space used to be right next to it, love that spot though it’s very weird


Very nondescript innit. Not too overbearingly twee in the speakeasy aspect either.


Yeah, its weird how non-gimmicky it is considering it really could be, there aren’t many LDN spots like that


Really lovely pub called the Old Fountain just off Old Street if you want a decent pint.




Cheers all.


Interesting from Geoff Rickly. No doubting a lot of those bands were pretty seething towards women in those days. Glassjaw, BN and Fall Out Boy come to mind especially.


I’ve been wondering when a Jesse Lacey suicide is going to pop up on my news alerts.


Christ, hopefully not. That to me would make the whole thing a thousand times more awful. For him, his family and his victims.

It’s an interesting question, though. For people like Lacey or Louie C.K., their job is their art. Are they forced to quit by this? No doubt both will have artistic responses to the crisis (whether we ever see them or not is of course a different matter. Should we? Do we want to?)

I wonder what the use of these people is? Should they be wedged under a rock or should something be dredged from this mess? And in the same token that no one at all owes them forgiveness, is the same true that certain members of their fan base don’t owe them condemnation?

All hypothetical, from someone who certainly for the moment cannot go back to their output…


Am not a fan of either, so take what I have to say with a pinch of salt, but I read a piece the other week that made the case that in these kinds of situations (I think actually relating to Louis CK) there’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting an artist’s entire output in a category labeled “of academic interest only”. I’ve got a feeling there’s at least some merit in that.


I think Jesse Lacey has been craving obscurity for quite some time. The band were due (as far as we can gather) to call it a day next year anyway. I think there’ll be an announcement in the new year that they’ve all gone their separate ways.


FWIW the best word might have been “blunt” but I think harsh has come to be synonymous. Kind of an evolution of language.

What I’m saying is I don’t think use of harsh is too much for us to worry about.


How does everyone feel about them at this point then? Are they done?


I think so