Rolling Clothes Thread

In the market for a decent plaid shirt and some socks. Help a brother out?

Tend to find it better to fold them up, really.

Thought this was going to be about younguns rolling up their jeans

Dammit @blimeycharlie

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two poor quality attempts and we’re only in the 2nd minute!

I get most of my best shirts from tk maxx - but it requires a ruthless hunter/ gatherer approach to shopping as 99% of the shirts they sell are awful


Marks and Spencer do some good plaid shirts, or at least I’ve got some good ones from there.

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My wife has always rolled her clothes up when packing the cases for holiday. Stops them getting creased or some shit like that.

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Yeah I roll my clothes up when I pack.

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Thanks @rich-t

Fuck wrong thread


Tend to get pretty cheap socks from H&M but splashed out on some original penguin fellas recently and the quality is very noticeably better. Don’t buy shit socks is what I’m getting at.

Have 2 identical plaid shirts from M&S in a blue check and in a brown/black check. So this. They are ‘thermal brushed’ whatever that means so are too warm/thick for summer so I could be in the market for some thinner shirts, to use as a kind of jacket.

Funny that a lot of people do this then don’t roll them up and pop em in a drawer at home

Also got a bunch of stripey socks at m&s… before that some duchamp ones from to makk.

What type of socks are you after? Plain or more jazzy? Tend to find M&S is best for plain (e.g. black) socks.

argh, all the nice check, plaid ones are short sleeve. not quite ready to turn into this guy just yet

jazzy please.

Block colour for me, but never black

Oh, I can’t help you then, sorry. I only ever buy plain socks.