Rolling Critical Theory/Political Education thread 2023

I thought we might already have one of these but I couldn’t find it so I thought it might be worth creating another one.

Thought it might be useful to have a thread for cataloguing long form pieces and other non-fiction related to critical theory, political economy etc. Chat encouraged

I’ll admit I partly posted this because I wanted to share this which touches on a lot of what I’ve been thinking about over the past year RE: the political economy of pandemics:


Here’s another one on a similar theme by Angry Workers:

Reviving this to post this classic which appeared in the latest issue of salvage. It’s a reprint of an essay that appeared in the Australian Left Review back in 1983 but the insights that it gives are still broadly applicable to anyone who’d invoke marxism today, including myself :sweat_smile:

If you’ve ever been interested in the political implications of value form theory this is quite an interesting read.

Anyone picked up a copy of Soren Mau’s ‘Mute Compulsion’? Wasn’t that fussed at first but this review/article has me hyped