Rolling Curb your Enthusiasm appreciation thread



please drop clips in

chat and fun WELCOME


I only ever watch Curb when I’m on a plane. What’s that all about?


laughed so much during this scene i had trouble breathing:


Love this scene so much


something about the Tivo guy


“You don’t have to tap every ass do you? You have to tap every ass?”


love richard lewis





LD flippin’ that shit




sorry for off-topic post but i just realised there was a season 8 of comedians in cars getting coffee that i haven’t seen yet.


Such a great show! And one of the rare comedies that can still be really strong after an extended period of time. The Palestinian Chicken episode in season 8 is one of the best.

This clip, though not the funniest is the first that comes to mind when I think of the show. A few times when people say Larry David is a bit of a prick, I show them this and the communal hate for unwanted stop and chats starts to get people on his side!



I think I got chest pains from laughing so hard when I watched this.