Rolling cutting back on the booze thread


Okay, I think some of us need this thread. I definitely do.

I won’t bang on about it in here because I have done so elsewhere a lot, but I need to cut back on the booze. Not the regularity with which I drink (I can go for weeks without boozing), but a few times a year I overdo it and there are terrible consequences, mentally mainly, but also relationship-wise.

I tend to want to be the last person standing in these situations and often end up blacking out or being abusive. I find it really hard to say no to just one more. I need to cut back: either do more going out and not boozing, drinking less, alternating with softs / NA beers, whatever. I need to find something that works for me, and I want to talk about it and get support because it’s hard.

Please share your experiences / current boozing woes in this thread.

Goes without saying this is an #ssp thread.


My laptop broke and with it went my booze monitoring spreadsheet. Still livid about that.

(Mean consumption was 34 units a week; median consumption was 32 at mid-September. Still too high but I can get that down).

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Best of luck with this and don’t be too hard on yourself if there are occasions where you can’t achieve it. Changing habits is very very hard. I’m sure this is a great positive decision you are taking though so well done for that :slight_smile: :+1:


Google Drive!


Thanks for this thread PN. I think I’m in a similar situation to you. I don’t really want to cut down on the frequency of my drinking - I enjoy having a few beers or glasses of wine midweek and I’m happy with that. I do want to limit myself when I got out coz it can just get really messy. Wish I could just have a switch that makes me want to stop after 3 or 4 drinks.


No thanks, I don’t drink and drive.



I’m definitely part of the ‘one more beer’ crew, find myself saying this at least 2 or 3 times when I’m out.

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Worth re-posting this article that @lastdino posted in the other thread


Thanks for this thread. Think it’ll be a good source of support, much like the healthy living/weight loss thread has been for those using that.

I have a pretty unhealthy relationship with drink. Not in the sense of getting hammered too often or binging. But in a sense of normalising booze. Will probably have a drink 5 out of 7 days a week on average, but will regularly enough tip over and have a drink 7/7 days a week. This will be 2-3 tins of lager, so nothing major, but I’ll have a few more if I’m off the following day (had 6 beers last night for instance). Drinking out of habit or to ‘alleviate’ boredom isn’t healthy for anybody. Also has cause some significant weight gain.

Have said that I want to cut back/quit the booze for a bit in 2019, but know that this will be a struggle. But I’m gonna do it. It’s a costly thing boozing


I’m in the same boat as you know. I’ve been driving to things of late just to get more used to being in a pub and not drinking. Also I’ve fired up the drink aware drink logging app and I’ve been making myself log each drink as I buy them rather than guessing the morning after. Next year I need to save money for my wedding (and lose a few pounds) and my doctor told me he was concerned about my liver function after a routine blood test so I’m hoping this combination of elements will give me the impetus to tone it down a bit.

Great idea for a thread. Though cutting down at Xmas is obvs gonna be like playing on hard mode…


You can do it!! The article @laelfy posted above you basically talks about drinking for the sake of it. Pretty good read.


Very much rooting for everyone in this thread, whether they’re trying to stop getting hammered, generally cut down or packing it in all together.

Think it’s absolutely bonkers the sway that alcohol has over our whole society and how we conduct our leisure time.


Don’t drink and Google Drive

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Trying to get through the working week without any booze which I usually manage. Usually manage to keep below 30 units a week.

But I was so bored yesterday so I ended up having a bottle of Punk IPA.


NA beers subthread:

Bud Prohibition: not really a fan of this
Heineken 0%: actually nice? Literally tastes like beer.
Brewdog Nanny State: also nice.
San Miguel 0.0%: also nice


Get the Rothaus ones if you can. Beautiful. Big Drop are ok. Erdinger was Steph’s favourite during pregnancy. @keith has loads of tips

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The Heineken one is crazy, really feels and tastes like a the real thing.

Nanny State has been my go to, but it is not actually very beery is it? Just a nice crisp refreshing drink.


I cut down in the last year. My TV almost lost her dad to liver failure because of too much alcohol, and her sister had constant blacking out (in the street) problems. She told me in no uncertain terms that she was worried about how much I was drinking, and the realisation came when I couldn’t actually find ways to ‘justify’ it to her. At first I was really angry about how she was being, because ultimately I gave all this stuff about how I could handle my drink and how actually she didn’t need to worry about me, but ultimately I couldn’t come up with anything like a satisfactory reason around it.

I did cut down and now just actively think about it more now, which has really helped. Still get reasonably tipsy now but nothing like the ‘steaming’ that I used to get pretty regularly. It was hard and I don’t think anyone should underestimate that - the important thing is to change things slowly and be kind to yourself, I think.


Becks Blue isn’t too bad.
There’s an Erdinger 0.5% which is very good indeed if you like a wheaty beer.


I have a bottle of some NA weissbier in the fridge, not sure what it is though. I will report back once I’ve had it.