Rolling cutting back on the booze thread


Hadn’t drank since NYE until the weekend when I hit the pub for the Mari Llwyd, back off it now. As a consequence and due to doing a few people favours I now have a shitload of booze in the house.

Made a few changes and got some of those Heineken 0% cans in should we have a curry which does the job.

The end of dry January coincides with my birthday so that’s probably the next time I’ll have an actual beer. Not sure what difference (other than £s) it’s making as I’ve had the lurgy over Xmas and it’s still on its way out.


Nice work!

I’m still going strong. Had a fair few alcohol-free beers which really does trick me into thinking I’m having “real” beer.

Partner is doing really well too, she’s had one shandy and one low-alc Schofferhoffer.

It’s a friend’s birthday this friday which might be a bit of a test. I’m weighing up sticking to other, erm, things as the place we’re going is pretty wild and being completely sober might be difficult/annoying. We’ll see.


Been booze free since NYE too. Had some non alcohols this weekend. Nanny State is decent.

4% through the year.


I’ve been off the sauce for a few weeks, my non alcoholic beer ratings so far:

  1. Schneider weisse tap 3. Tastes a bit like cake, but nice flavour
  2. Maissel Weisse, see above, but not as good
  3. Nanny state, pretty pretty good, bit thin, but can actually taste hops
  4. Heineken 0.0, fairly alright actually, needs to be cold


Had a few on Saturday. One night a week is fine though I reckon.


Loving life.

But I do get a twinge of “ooh i’d love a glass of something” on thursday or friday eve. Luckily, both weekends i’ve had a 9am parkrun on saturday and taught spin on Sunday morning which no one wants to be hungover for. Same with this weekend so that’s keeping me good.

Go on holiday on the 31st Jan so will be breaking my dry Jan at the airport

I’m not doing alcohol free anythings so just replacing with water, fizzy water or those fancy raspberry lemonades


It’s been okay so far.

Gone at it a bit both Saturdays so far with 6/7 odd pints, but apart from a 330ml can on Friday last week, haven’t touched anything on a midweek night yet.

Football tonight, that’s going to be a bit of a test, but thinking I might just have a couple for my turnstile shift and nothing during the game.

We’ll see how I feel.


Day 2 booze free for me :blush:

Not committing to anything at all but would like to take mon-Friday off the drink. Won’t beat myself up if I have a glass of wine on a Thursday or whatever though

I’m counting calories too so don’t reallly wanna drink too much 0.0, still on the hunt for a soft drink I can do a session on (I like to drink litres of liquid in the evening whether alcoholic or not)


Water is probably your only option here, m7.


I’ve experimented with like lemon and lime water but nahhhhh

Gonna try a sugar free elderflower cordial


What about lime and soda?


Is it nice? I’ve always assumed it’s just not very nice. Maybe I’ll try it

(what is the difference between soda and fizzy mineral water?)


I think soda water is a bit salty. It is really nice. I would use lime cordial and then have some fresh lime in it too and ice. Bit summery though.


Probably a few calories in the cordial though. Maybe not. Dunno.


Pretty minimal I would think particularly with the ol’ sugar tax.


Yeah cordial is fine, just trying not to drink my entire rda in 5 quid cans of stout that tastes like flumps really


Lime and soda is a solid choice then.


Started drinking more now that my life at work is hell


oh shit i really thought that low alc beers have the same carbs in as beer beers. they don’t! imma lose weight!


No, of course, it’s the actual alcohol that contains most calories, because of course it is why wouldn’t it be ffs