Rolling cutting back on the booze thread

Yeah I’m just going to the end of this lockdown in place. I dont want to give up drinking completely and I always have 4 or 5 days off in a week, its just on the days I do drink, its usually for most of the day (going to the pub for football mostly) so 10 pints or so isnt irregular. The worrying thing is that doesnt really get me drunk either , I can handle it but its not at all good for me.

Last lockdown I did okay, kept up the 4 or so days off and didnt have loads. But I’m just doing this as a bit of an achievement to gain over lockdown. So far its not really crossed my mind which is good!

I’ve also said no beer rather than no booze as if 2 or 3 weeks in I do want something, I’ll have something other than beer but really I want to go completely alcohol free

If it wasn’t Christmas as well soon, I’d aim to go longer but this whole year has been a constant of collapsed plans, going to have to make the most of Xmas!

I don’t know if this is exactly the right place for it, but am very glad to have stopped the solo pub trips over the past couple of years. It really has made my life a bit better.


always good to state very specifically what rules you’re playing by, it’s easier to stick to the rules if they’re solid!

I recommend you decide to do 2 or 3 weeks (or whatever, as long as you’ve been specific) so there’s a defined goal, cos I’d definitely end up drinking a bottle of wine after 10 days if I didn’t make a decision


if you don’t mind the question, why did you stop?

I’ve almost never been to the pub on my own but I’ve seen a fair few people on here describing as one of their favourite things

Oh I absolutely have the 3rd as the date to go to for beer, if I have any before then I’ll be disappointed. I just have put a cushion in so that if one night I do have any other alcohol , then I dont beat myself up about it, but the aim is to not have any of that either

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its a good question actually. i think in general i became a bit more aware that it might be a good idea to drink less. i met a whole load of people who do the same job as me who are a lot older, and who had bad booze problems, and it gave me a lot of food for thought about where all of that might be going. so its partly just one component of a general trajectory.

more specifically, i moved to the US, and i just don’t like the bars here as much as i like pubs in england. did it a few times but just didn’t feel at all comfortable in there. so a circumstantial reason. but i don’t do it when i’m in england anymore either.


Just a PSA in case anyone’s been buying this:

On 2 weeks without any booze for the first time in absolute years


10 days of no solo boozing, and the only alcohol I’ve had in that time has been 1x bottle of Guinness at an impromptu leaving party in the woods with some friends (just me and the two of them who are leaving so not really a ‘party’), and 1x Biere d’or at an impromptu housewarming party in my brother’s garden (again just me and my brother and his wife so not really a ‘party’)

Feel a bit better but not that much better and the weekend was quite boring but I did have a little bit of ketamine which helped


This might be the nicest AF beer I’ve had yet


Again, never quite sure if it exactly belongs in this thread but don’t have another outlet for it so bear with me. Got slightly smashed last night at a Thanksgiving and the boozy depressed thing crept up on me as I went to sleep. That feeling sucks. It’s not such a serious thing I guess but it did remind me that I used to feel like this pretty often because I drank so often, and that its good that I don’t anymore. Can’t really believe that I’m wondering if binge drinking might be a thing of the past for me, its been part of my life for a long time.


I’m a bit like this. Have had about 10 days off the booze as was creeping up to having a few drinks most nights since lockdown.

Alcohol just doesn’t provide any of the ‘answers’ it once did anymore past one drink, and any heavy drinking (more than say 4-5+ pints) can just leave me feeling very, very low for an unspecified amount of time. For longer periods and much worse as I’ve got older. Pretty much the same for any substance I have got involved with and then stopped,never to do again.

At the same time I’m sat here on a Saturday night not drinking and thinking “what am I saving myself for?”. Have always drunk since I was about 13…can’t imagine not, and yet, I just don’t enjoy it very much when I do, or the cost-benefits just don’t tally.
Still, guess I quite like Pepsi Max. When will you betray me, sweet Pepsi Max?


Had loads of these last night and was absolutely wired and wide awake until 5am for some reason. Could it be loads of sugar without the soporific effect of the alcohol keeping me awake? Felt like I’d had 3 coffees before bed. Awful.