Rolling cutting back on the booze thread

Days sober 14


What’s the best NA IPAs out there? I tried the Mikkeller one this week but it was just not strong tasting enough and a little on the sweet side for me.

I normally like a neck oil or a magic rock saucery so lighter pale ales.

Has anyone also tried these non alcoholic gin alternatives? M&S have brought out a few I think and so a alcohol free g&t I’d like to try

Ghost Ship non-alcoholic is the best I’ve had. (Not technically an IPA but same difference).


There’s a nice one from Utrecht, I think I posted it earlier in this thread…

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Punk AF is actually pretty good.


Can’t wait for Monday. My liver won’t know what’s hit it. It’ll be like plucking it out of a medieval cesspit and putting it a crystal clear mountain stream. For four whole days!

Recently discovered this Asda exclusive. It’s amazingly good for an NA beer. Lovely hoppy taste, not at all sweet.


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Had a case of Northern Monk Super Stredge over Christmas and it was great, fairly similar to Neck Oil.

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I’ve actually been getting on really well with Aldi’s alcohol free version of Rheinbacher (which is my usual basic cheap can), which is pretty new. Tastes good enough to scratch the itch and £2.50 for 6 bottles I think. Most of the times I’ve had AF beers that try to be ‘good’, it’ll be just close enough to remind me of a nice IPA, but not close enough to actually taste like one, so I end up disappointed, especially if I’m paying ‘nice beer’ prices. Whereas the Aldi ones are just cheap and straightforwardly nice.


I think Punk AF is probably the best easily available one at the moment. It tastes like what Nanny State used to taste like.

Wor Lass really likes the Seedlip gins and there three varieties. I think the green/ grass one is probably my favourite. She likes all of them at different points in her life.

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Haven’t found many NA IPAs that I really liked (prefer lagers) but the Infinite Session one is pretty good. M&S and Sainsburys sell it.

Saw an advert for AF Gordons Gin the other day. Might give that a go.

Second weekend off the booze. Might just make it to the end of the month, you know.


Days: 15


Days booze free… Four.

Got this weird feeling inside though that only appears when I’m completely at rest… As if I’m shaking but only inside? It also manifests as tinnitus in my left ear if it’s really bad.

Anyone else had this? Getting a bit panicky.

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Is it a restless, twitchy feeling? I get that, to the extent that I can never sit or lie still. Even just gently rocking my foot or clenching my toes is enough to dispel the jitters. Don’t think it’s a booze thing for me though, just restless leg syndrome or whatever. I did feel a little woozy and light-headed at times in the first few days of abstinence, but it went away quickly enough. Wondering if it was something to do with my blood sugar suddenly crashing as a result of no booze.

Dry Jan still going here. It’s now the longest I’ve ever gone without a drink in my adult life, which feels quite exhilarating but also rather shameful.


No… Its like having the shivers but only internally… Like if I hold out my hand it’s fairly steady (which I’ve done a lot as the hypochondriac I am)

I do also have restless leg syndrome, adhd and general restlessness…

Ah, gotcha. That sounds disconcerting, but I’d try not to worry about it. I wasn’t craving a drink or missing it at all during week 1, but I could definitely tell my body was doing some internal readjusting to the new regime and all seems back to a new normal now. Hopefully it’ll clear up for you soon.

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Similar to me. Dry in January too, here. Must be longest without booze since teenage years.

Downloaded the Try Dry app too, gives a daily boost to tick off a day, and let’s you know how much money / calorie intake you’ve likely saved so far.

Good luck with the rest of the month.


I get this all the time, regardless of whether I’ve drank alcohol or not. I always put it down to anxiety and insomnia.

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If its alcohol related the symptoms typically subside 5 - 7 days after stopping from experience and then return to you’d consider ‘baseline’ within the month

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