Rolling Dance Mongrel 2.016

Fuck it, if the boards can be revived, so can this thread.

Jam City’s new free album/mixtape ting is a return to form, for me, bending all kinds of genres into twisted club tracks as he does best

DJ Earl explores the familiar Teklife sound in new ways with help from Oneohtrix Point Never

New LPs on the way from the likes of Kuedo [Planet Mu], Mr G [Phoenix G], Robert Hood [Dekmantel], Pangea [Hessle Audio], Nicholas Jarr (probably), Marcel Dettmann DJ Kicks [!K7] etc. and plenty of great 12"s and mixes as we head into party season.

Let’s not let the once mighty Dance Mongrel go the way of Fabric. What have you been listening to?

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PS. In memory of Jimi, don’t forget the [square brackets].

DJ Diamond - Footwork or Die [Duck N’ Cover] out October 21

Yves Tumor’s debut sounds like a major left turn for PAN. Led by this woozy and relatively straight-forward soul track

Is the Zomby album worth listening to?

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Is the Zomby album worth listening to?[/quote]
I like it. It’s got a lot of odd vocal bits randomly stuck in. One track in particular put me in mind of holly Herndon.

Worth a shot.

Will give it a blast. Saw that Sherburne was digging it but mostly got a lukewarm reception elsewhere?

new Minor Science on Whities is a banger

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Nice. Don’t think there’s been a release on Whities so far that I haven’t dug.

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Will try and contribute more to this thread. Currently enjoying this:

And that Peder Mannerfelt release on Hinge Finger which I can’t find any links to.

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Oh yah. Clear Eyes, Full Heart? Banger.

He’s having a good year. The LP from earlier in the year is great too, less club orientated more experimental material.

Digging the new Jezza Underground mix. Probably more up my street than My Love is Underground. Nice soul, jazz and disco rarities comp.

Really enjoying the Kern mix by Objekt which came out over the summer. His interview with Resident Advisor on DJing was fascinating and well worth a read too:

Saw SNTS at Corsica Studios on Saturday night, some of the best live techno I’ve heard in years. Apparently he has an LP coming soon, seems like it’ll be worth checking out.

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Objekt mix is killer. Man can do no wrong. Never saw SNTS, but last year’s LP was pretty strong, can imagine it being good live.

Call Super has also had a good 2016. His third release this year, New Life Tones on Houndstooth, is sounding nice. Out October 7

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Yeah I’m hoping his new LP isn’t as limited a release as the first was, didn’t manage to grab a copy of that. The set he played was a lot heavier than the record, quite a few remixes or new things by the sounds of it.

I haven’t really been that great at checking up on dance releases this year, but enjoyed these:

Skee Mask
Silk Road Assassins
Konx Om Pax
Vatican Shadow
Ital Tek

absolutely love this V Shadow mix:

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the Hieroglyphic Being record is really nice, quite light and jazzy

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Looking forward to the new Powell and Kuedo records mostly

although Powell is almost a bit too weird to be considered dance music


Looking forward to both these too. Powell is cool. The thread is an all purpose electronic/dance thing not only four-to-the-floor beats. All welcome.