Rolling Dance Mongrel 2.016

French UK-bass lover Simo Cell drops an EP on Livity Sound on November 4. Only the third release of the year on the label.

Nicolas Jaar’s second album is out on Other People next week. Have been less interested in his work the last couple of years but it should be worth checking out


01 ‘Killing Time’
02 ‘The Governor’
03 ‘Leaves’
04 ‘No’
05 ‘Three Sides of Nazareth’
06 ‘History Lesson’

V nice second release from Willow on Workshop after that intriguing track on Workshop 21


This is good:

Despite not really being like anything else I like Cómeme are one of those labels I always check out because they have a fine line in low tempo distinctive weirdness. Staple of the early stages of Ben UFO sets as well.

Streaming on his website - very nice from the first couple of listens. Touring in December too I think.

Woohoo! New Kassem Mosse album out next week on Honest Jon’s :slight_smile:

Nice. Workshop 19 is one of my favourite records of the last few years. Have you heard any of it?

Not heard any entire tracks. Had a flick through the samplers on Juno and some of it sounds very nice indeed. Not long to wait until we get the whole thing though!

Ah yes, I went to the Honest Jon’s website expecting to find samples there but couldn’t find anything. Sounds a lot more techno-y than Workshop 19.

This may be a stupid question but this is getting a physical release, right? I just can’t find anything that says that explicity and can’t find anywhere to pre-order.

I also couldn’t find it, but it surely will. Will keep an eye out for it.

Thoughts on the new Convextion album? I’ve not had time to give it more than 1 listen.

Not heard it yet but it’s top of my list of things to do

Blawan releasing a 6 track EP under the alias Kilner on Avian, out November 28. Not sure what it’ll sound like but hyped nonetheless. 6 new tracks from him is a rare thing


  1. Sunsera
  2. Filk
  3. Insa
  4. Otto Morph
  5. Auto Wave
  6. Tamtara

Marcel Dettmann DJ Kicks mix is now streaming - absolute belter:

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nice one. been waiting for this :slight_smile:

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Vinyl now available at Juno:

really like the new Legowelt record

Gigantic Fabric compilation incoming.


Not actual music but hopefully still relevant to the thread…thought this article on Ben Klock was pretty interesting:

Neat little insight into just how relentless the schedules for top DJs can be these days.

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Sounds utterly horrible. Would probably kill me in about a week.

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