Rolling Dance Whatever 2017

Away we go.

Here a nice mix from Ben UFO:

And some excellent upcoming stuff from Leif:

To get some discussion going, what are some good newer labels I should be following on Bandcamp? Already got most of the big hitters (Hessle Audio, LIES, 1080p, Ilian Tape etc).


Berceuse Heroique! Though on second looks they’re not actually on Bandcamp. Not something I’ve really used for dance music except the odd thing. 1080p and Lobster Theremin seem to have a big presence. Also lo-fi house but I ain’t really bothered by that.

New Bruce on Hemlock

New Shackleton album out this month :thumbsup:

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O-TON100 is a joint Dettmann and Klock ting


This is exciting! £15 for 40 minutes of new music doesn’t sound outrageous either.

Always had a bit of a problem with Bereceuse, the bloke who runs it sounds like a massive plum.

had sort of glazed over the “edgy” cover art but that tweet is pretty low. have enjoyed their music and the night i went to recently but yeah kinda off-putting that.

Quarta330 releasing his first music in 7 years! Always loved his stuff, even if there wasn’t ever very much of it. Sounds great.


Does anyone remember a fella called Koreless from a few years ago? He’s got fuck all out, only like 10 songs over 5 years. Anyone know anything about him?

Also have Simon Reynolds energy flash that I’ve been meaning to get into dance stuff thu but it’s not particularly readable being so fucking bulky and all

Quite a good mix from nosaj thing, d tiberio & gossamer

So I love most forms of dance, from the 80s house that got me into the music (via a tape I found in Woolworths in '88) to acid techno like Stay Up Forever and acid trance from European labels like Noom.

However I’ve recently become a bit of a fan of PC Music (the label). It’s a strange operation and many people think they are taking the piss. The music is cheesy…to a point, but it’s very well put together, and I think it is quite clever. Catchy, but not pure chart fodder. A hard act to pull off, the production is (to my ears) very good. I don’t like everything they do, but I dip into it quite often.

What do people think? I am prepared to be laughed at by the way. :wink:

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There was a good thread on the old board about it, off the back of Sophie’s Bipp

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Aah. Showing my noobness, I will look over there thanks.

Oops, posted too early

I like the asthetic, but although they’ve kept making some decent tunes they’ve struggled for a direction or angle over the last year or so. Reckon, like Odd Future, a couple of them will go on to be successful producers and the rest of it will fade into obscurity.

Nah, sorry if I sounded rude/blunt. I just pressed reply too early by mistake.

No problem. I look forward to checking it out. The preview in the link about Bipp ‘oddly captivating’ describes my thoughts well to be fair…

I don’t really like the music, which is about the dullest opinion you can have about PC Music. Not much to say about the aesthetic or anything, but the music does nothing for me.

FFO that Nicolas Jaar essential mix from a few years back:

Also this is delightful, collaboration between the excellent Young Marco and Wolf Muller (who I’ve never heard of):

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