Rolling Dance Whatever 2017


This is ace. I fucking love Bicep


Single is a certified banger from their sets of late :raised_hands:


dunno why I hadn’t read the mongrel this year, until now. y’all seem to love Helena hauff, but no-ones mentioned her radio 1 residency. it’s been good, the industrial themed one was incredible. just been renewed to do it for the rest of the year too. is in my hometown, oxford tonight but I ain’t got anyone to go with. probs sold out, anyhow. jessy lanza is another radio 1 resident, her shows have also been good.




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What a fucking moron


Oh for fuck’s sake.


He’s responded, and comes off even worse than before:

“I completely regret what was said in that private conversation with the journalist, where she did not appreciate my bad sense of humour and my habit of taking opposite positions to challenge people, even if it sometimes goes way beyond my own opinion.”


“It’s okay! I’m just an edgelord!”


Sounds like there could be more to come:


This is a good thread, some nice mixes to get stuck into:


One more to add: Really enjoy sticking this mix on at work, Jane Fitz of freerotation fame.


Not sure if she’s mentioned in there but I saw Honey Dijon this weekend, absolutely blew me away.


Whilst we’re in full blown female DJ celebration mode, I put this show on in December last year and this set was easily one of the most fun clubbing experiences I’ve ever had - the crowd went fucking nuts throughout


Sunfall have dropped both Konstantin and Giegling. Also just read his statement and he actually literally goes down the “I can’t be sexist, some of my best friends are women” route. Prick.


female djs actually aren’t shit, pt. 94424786426855:


Nina Kraviz seems to get more “can’t DJ because she’s a woman” than anyone else, some of it is really hateful stuff.


yeah, it’s really weird. i think she’s great. that fabric mix was one of my favourite releases of last year.


Bit of a gear-nerd article on re-constructing two ‘lost’ 90s bleep tracks, great read:


Great mix from Courtesy, saw her play recently and was pretty blown away:


Liking the new Porter Ricks LP a lot.