Rolling Dance Whatever 2017


Yup :ok_hand:




my pal sent me this mix she did. I enjoyed it a lot. might check out the peggy gou one on same website…


Listened to about half this mix in the car today, not really feeling it tbh. I like Caribou and like Dan Snaith as a DJ but his Daphni productions do very little for me.


Her album is :fire::fire::fire:


You’re all following Bandcloud on twitter and have signed up to the mailer right?

here’s his radio show from sunday night

great stuff - that Shanti Celeste remix of Primitive Trust is an absolute belter

he’s only a couple shy of 1000 followers - give him a follow & sign up to the mailer - so much good stuff in your inbox every Friday



Did a mix, thought I’d put a link up here as a few people in this tread liked the last one I did.

Vakula- This is not music
Leo James-The Surface
Depeche Mode- Policy of Truth -KLF mix
Coldcut-Yes Yes Yes
Tuff Sherm- Drain Spectre
Joe-REJ Bit
Sharif Laffrey- Turn it up
Adesse Versions-Pride
LB Bad- New age of house
Tony ALLEN-Kilode – Carl Craig remix
Fudge Fingers- Mass X
Daphni-Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya
DJ Gregory-Tropical Soundclash
MAW-A tribute to Fela
Laurent Garnier-Gnanmankoudji


nice subtle jagging, there. well done :+1:

(seriously, though, well done! :slight_smile: )


ha cheers, yeah that was a tiny subtle JAG

but the full JAG is here if you’re partial


thanks. i’ll give it a listen on the bus later :slight_smile:




One of my favourite clubs in Berlin, good on them for This. The tweets from FDV in response aren’t great either.


Those tweets, christ


The classic “retweet all the nutters who agree with me” as well. Because retweeting stuff that refers to people being “butthurt” will be received really well in the dance music community…


there’s so much of this sort of thing recently

It’s really poisonous and I just can’t process how all of these little shitbags ever gravitated towards a scene that’s essentially built on black gay culture, diversity, tolerance & love

really depressing


love this track… ‘Seeing’ by Prayer. not sure how to describe it, its like jungle beats with reverby, operatic vocals. makes me think of moby (or of how little i really know moby), mixmag compares them to burial, which probably sounds cooler more than it is on the mark… the bandcamp page has a little mission statement if interested. the ep this track is from is worth listening to, but unfortunately this song is the only keeper.

does anyone have good recommendations for artists similar to tr/st? i’ve done a pretty fair share of searching and no one i come across really sounds like him…

i scrolled through about 30% of this thread and it seems like a lot of u are advanced listeners of electronica. wondering if anyone knows about the state of witch house? i saw a release by sidewalks and skeletons this year but other than that i have no idea if its really still being made… or if its dead and/or called by other names now…


Mosca on Livity… what a pairing


Another Bicep cut off the album