Rolling Dance Whatever 2017


top tune, really looking forward to the album :muscle:t3:


Track called Appearance has the strongest vibes in this respect.




Zomby is back… In analogue form


I’m not keen on a lot of the stuff posted on here. But this I really like.


heading to this at the weekend:

aside from the obvious big names, anyone worth catching I might not be aware of?


Caught Ivan Smagghe and Vladimir Ivkovic earlier in the year, great fun. Sludgy, doomy and slow but in a really good way.


Excellent thanks.
Set times and running order are a complete mystery, find out when we get there apparently which should be interesting.


Saoirse is supposed to be a lot of fun, her RA mix is good but apparently not that representative of her sets. Also I know he’s the second name on the list but Nicolas Jaar never seems to just do DJ sets any more so that’d be worth seeing.


I dunno who counts as obvious but I’d never miss a chance to see Ben UFO. Henry Wu is ‘presenting’ his half of Yussef Kamaal - that’ll be pretty great probably if you like live rhythmic jazz stuff.


Cheers will check her RA mix before we go.
I’ve seen Jaar before but as you say, it was his own material as opposed to a DJ set. He’s on the list pending any major clashes.


Ben UFO definitely
Just listened to a bit of the Henry Wu presents… boiler room session. Not a fan :grin:

Obvious (to me anyway) would be:
Cobblestone Jazz
Gerd Jansen
Roman Flugel
Joy O
Move D
Andrew Weatherall
Horse Meat Disco
Derrick Carter

Might not necessarily go and see all of the above but they’re the ones I’m most familiar with


As both Cobblestone Jazz and Raresh are on your list Mathew Jonson and Rhadoo will probably be relevant to your interests.


Nice interview with RV here too, to get you in the mood:


Anyone know if it’s still worth going to see Carl Craig DJ?


This is good, the EP is strong as well. Electronica jazzy type thing.


I use to love him when he couldn’t mix well using vinyl but these days he can mix and has become very boring the last few times I’ve seen him. Pedestrian at best.


Might still go anyway as I’ve nothing on the evening he’s playing but I’ve had fair warning not to get my hopes up! Thanks :smiley:


I’ve always enjoyed his sets the few times i’ve seen him in the recent past (since 2010).
Never saw him before that but his sets I’ve heard from the 90s are well mixed no? Maybe I just don’t have an ear for it/am biased because it’s CC! :heart_eyes:


For those interested, this was the line-up/set times for Houghton:

Will try and post a bit of a review later.