Rolling Dance Whatever 2017


He use to use crash mixes big time but always played great records so I was never that bothered. He’s one of my all time favourite producers / remixes.
Heard him play steve miller fly like an eagle as his last record at the end once, rolling stone’s miss you at a nuphonic party. his got the imagination but doesn’t use it any more.


This review and the photos makes it sound incredible. A couple of friends just got back from it too, thoroughly destroyed (don’t think they slept much if anything the entire weekend given how many DJs they saw) and raving about how good it was. On the list for next year!


Friend of mine played this and is also raving about how good it was. Seems like we missed a great party.


New Blondes album is pretty good. Dark and brooding. Better than their last DiS-official 10/10 album, which I think technically makes it the greatest of all time!


Hessle Audio are doing quite a bit to mark their 10th anniversary with shows and mixes popping up online. New releases from Call Super and Joe on the way too!!

There’s a nice wee half hour mix they do on there, with lots of new material.


They’re putting on a 10th anniversary night in October, killer line up. Sold out though :frowning:


Knew I should have bought tickets straight away


Hoping to catch BUFO in Newcastle next month; it’s not billed as an anniversary show but he seems to be on a real run of form as late (although when is he not?)


Paula Temple and Avalon Emerson at VU that night as well, decent alternative.


Aye, I live abroad though so would have considered making a trip back for that Hessle night but rarely do for regular nights


Ah I see - HA night has much more appeal in that case!


Seems a good a place as any to ask: Omar-S is playing the same night as Ben UFO, in a 300 capacity club natch. Anyone seen him lately and can tell me what to expect?


Fuck, this has made a really crushing FOMO a lot less painful!


Intrigued by who the special guest might be as well!


my word


Lucy! :smiley:


Shit. Definitely going now.


See you down the front!


Really like this and think they show a lot of potential as an LP act


Yeah it’s ace, didn’t expect anything less tbh, the tracks they put out pre release are immense. Got tickets to see them in a couple of weeks do it ‘live’ then their night in brum for my birthday: