Rolling Dance Whatever 2017



Gorgeous warm, fuzzy track with enough of a kick at the end to get some hands in the air action.


Jeremy Underground, or more his booking agent, being fairly awful here:

JU’s response is not too good either:




The fb post from Birmingham promoter leftfoot that popped up on my feed makes sense now…


Also, I know it’s awful behaviour from the agent, but can’t stop laughing


Think the comparisons to Ten Walls and Konstantin are harsh, there’s a difference between being a prima donna and being a horrendous bigot. He’s entitled to ask for what he wants and the promoters are entitled to tell him to do one if he’s being unreasonable. Hopefully they haven’t lost too much money in the process.




He should learn to keep his mouth shut and stick to making music though


The whole post-Paris thing was the only social media furore I’ve seen unfold in person. I remember reading it on his Facebook and being utterly bewildered that he thought that. It wasn’t one of those momentary lapses in judgement either, he argued the point for AGES in the comments before eventually backing down. Led to the first comment on every post he made being “please bring big knife from droor” for a while, which…wasn’t unfunny, put it that way.

But yeah, excited for a new album (although the last couple of EPs have been nothing to write home about).


love a bit of shadow child


you need a spot of knxwledge in yr life imho


of course laurel halo never goes amiss either tbh tbf


I may have mentioned it, can’t remember

but this came out on Friday

drink it in


i’m excited about the wayne McGregor production at sadlers wells, this coming week. jlin’s doing the music.
tickets from £14, roll up roll up.


Levon Vincent has shared his album for free again


Blimey every track seemed to be trying something completely different on that. And the last album wasn’t exactly “cohesive” :smiley:



Definitely has his trademark ‘sound’ all over it. Loved his debut album and this carries on in the same vein. Not so many bangers on this but great listening


Enjoyed it a lot, but also, it was a lot to take in in one listen. Remember feeling the same about the debut


Looking forward to this. His all night long set at Soup Kitchen this year was great.