Rolling Dance Whatever 2017

Really nice disco jam from the Black Madonna

Big Turkish delight techno remix from Limmy

Argh, he’s fucked that up. He needs to use the harmonic minor scale and he’s using the natural minor scale. Schoolboy error.

Call Super coming up next on the Fabric mix

dat tracklist

  1. Beatrice Dillon and Rupert Clervaux - The Same River Twice
  2. M:I:5 - Maßtab 1:5/11
  3. Jan Jelinek - Tendency
  4. Dresvn - Untitled B1
  5. Objekt - The Stitch-Up
  6. Two Full Minds - No Smoke
  7. Photek - T’Raenon
  8. Don’t DJ - Pornoire
  9. Flanger - Spinner
  10. Carl Craig - A Wonderful Life (Epic Mix)
  11. Call Super - Acephale I
  12. Call Super - Acephale II
  13. Marco Bernardi - Demonia
  14. Jega - ZX82
  15. Shanti Celeste - Strung Up
  16. Bitstream - Incubator
  17. Bruce - Sweat
  18. Convextion - Niche
  19. Karen Gwyer - Hippie Fracca
  20. Thomas Ankersmit & Valerio Tricoli - Plague #7
  21. Walter Brown - Keep On Walkin’
  22. Yves Tumor - The Feeling When You Walk Away
  23. Max Loderbauer - Giant Hug
  24. Speng Bond - Cutbacks

Solid Bristol contingent on there with Shanti Celeste, Marco Bernardi and Bruce. I approve.

Gone a bit unnoticed given the other recent Fabric news but they’ve been on a roll recently, the Nina Kraviz, Scuba, Kahn and Neek and Gerd Janson mixes have all been excellent.


I’ve loved all the more grime-focussed ones recently - Logan Sama, Flava D and Kahn & Neek have all been amazing (My Nu Leng not so much, it was shit)

shame the Elijah & Skilliam one wasn’t that great but I guess it laid the foundations for these types of mixes

The Logan Sama one is quality, think it’s been in my car ever since it got released.

Maybe you should point that out to him on twitter. He loves that type of thing.

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that young marco and wolf muller track is great

also really liked the quarta330 track posted by @badmanreturns above

got one of the first vinyl copies of this in december. i guess it’s (very) industrial dubstep, he’s from turkey

tut tut situation is the other track onthe release, this is my fav of the two tho

Sometimes it’s best to protect people from their ignorance. Plus I’m not on twitter book.

possibly the biggest tune i heard in 2016 is finally getting a release in 2017

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Presumably that first track? Helena Hauff played it on New Year’s Day, proper rib shaking bass.

yep. massive literal banger.

Giegling* are coming to town

*No, he’s not bothering.

Got tickets for VU.
Anyone seen any of the giegling lads before?

I wonder if the Prince will make an appearance at some of the more intimate shows :yum:

also this is happening:


nah but I’m interested in this Barbican show they are apparently going to announce for the day after… gonna do some digging and see if I can find out any more about it

aye that’s one of the more intimate shows - there’s a mixture of traditional clubnights and these other nights