Rolling Dance Whatever 2017


Tornado Wallace’s debut album is ace:

Somewhere between Telephones-y summer house vibes and spacey motorik.


A friend linked me up to this at the weekend. I’d never heard checked him out before but I really enjoyed it :thumbsup:


This is a really great listen:


That’s potentially my favourite ever mix so will most definitely be listening to this - thank you!


New Shed album on Monkeytown Records


A good read and some nice stuff in this:


if you’re into the 4/4 minimal/tech whatever, don’t go here. lovers of all other sounds should immediately dive into the Solid Steel (ninja tune) archive. updated every thursday w/ a new mix.


Keep meaning to listen to more of these, think the last one I heard was the one Four Tet did made up entirely of edits he’d done.


Dat Dekmantel line up :open_mouth:


Dettmann x Klock title track


gonna make my first trip to one of these newfangled Printworks day-parties for Klockworks in April I reckon


Day raves becoming more and more appealing to me these days, so Printworks is a welcome addition in general… Most of the parties are a bit Ibiza though, then the Hydra one offers the bazillionth opportunity to see Daphni, Floating Points and Joy Orbison play together.

Klockworks should be good though.


Agree with what someone said on RA about it being roughly the same stuff every year now, a solid two-thirds were there last year too. I guess a festival of that size needs to book a certain-number of big hitters guarantee sales but a few risks lower down the bill would be nice.


Yeah, disclaimer would be that I’ve never been so it feels more novel to me. Same thing with Bloc before, epic but once you’d been once you got deja vu


I’ve not been either. Really tempted this year what with Bloc not happening, although I’ve already got tickets for Houghton Festival which is the weekend after Dekmantel, might be pushing the boat out a bit too much :fearful:

Does it usually sell out pretty quickly?


I like the sound of this


This is really good. Not MFTQH good, but then not much is. Highly recommended.


this is great. viva dubstep.


All of Mister Saturday Night’s releases are pay what you want on Bandcamp until about Friday.


Yes it is.