Rolling Dance Whatever 2017


new Clark album out in April - first track here

apparently there's vocals on almost every track but if they're used like they are here it'll be lovely

his last album 'proper' (i.e. not a soundtrack) is one of my favourites of this, well, decade I guess. absolute stonker with some really contemplative lovely moments. really looking forward to seeing him live again soon.


Went off the boil a bit on Iradelphic and Feast/Beast but otherwise his whole discography is fucking top.


This is just incredible:


Talaboman. Not listened to this yet but expecting a synth heavy "What's a Girl to Do?" inspired affair.


got my first tickets to Printworks this morning, for Klock, Dettmann, Planetary Assault Systems and Ben Sims. should be a heavy day...


Great line up that. Videos of the parties so far make the space look really impressive too


yeah I was definitely a bit worried about a 2,500 capacity club and basically had no intention of going until i saw the videos/photos of events. it basically looks like a huge version of Heaven in a bigger overall setting, people being able to feed in and out of the main room from various spots along the side of it is a really good idea. hopefully they sort out the issues with sound that I've been hearing about before the end of April!


good illustration here of the layout, mad to think there's 2 more massive rooms in the place not on the map


The 10 years of Ilian Tape comp is streaming on RA:


there's a really nice drone piece on the record which isn't on this stream



It's called 'Decompression' but it's apparently only on the Japanese release for some reason


Bruce FACT mix.


Helena Hauff's a strong contender for best DJ around at the moment.




going to the Planet Giegling night tomorrow :heart_eyes:

apparently there's a tour EP for sale at the shows, will try and pick one up but imagine demand will outstrip supply.
Some good tracks on it. The Traumprinz one is an oldie but a goodie


Only just got round to this, slightly ambivalent to producer Bruce but I really like this.


How long are you going for? Was tempted to stop by for Konstantin but that midnight last entry has put me right off.


Aiming to get there between 10 and 11, hoping to catch Edward. Will be staying to the end although not sure if pals will stick it out til 6!

Yeah the general ticket situation is a bit off putting, some tickets are entry before 9 which is a long time to be in. One for the heads I guess, srs bsnss!


I don't mind staying somewhere all night but it's usually hunger rather than tiredness that does me in. Nowhere seems to do re-entry any more either which really gets on my nerves.


True. Not sure what (if any) facilities the venue has, even a wee area for a sit down and break would be great but from comments on the RA page I'm not hopeful.