Rolling Dance Whatever 2017


Free synth weirdness from the excellent Xosar:

Only dipped into it a bit, but unless I'm very much mistaken Honor The Muses has the same drum sample as This Is Crime and Lace by Torn Hawk. Not sure what to do with this information tbh, just something I noticed.


Ah I didn't get on with Jacques Greene. Was hoping for an album full of bangers like Another Girl and it didn't really deliver.

Mentioned it elsewhere on the boards, but the Shed album is absolutely mint. Think it may be his best to date.

Giving Lusine's latest another play right now. Think it's growing on me after initially feeling a bit underwhelmed.


this is great—I need some bangers for running :kissing_closed_eyes:


new black sun empire album came out last week and it is glorious


Ikonika is back! :heart_eyes:


New Kowton single too


New Karen Gwyer in June:

Saw her play live last year, absolutely ferocious.


Fave dance releases of this year so far:

Call Super- Fabric 92
Special Request- Stairfoot Lane Bunker
Japan Blues- Sells His Record Collection
Paradon't- THRD MPCT
Kassem Mosse/ Black Point- Split Vol. II
Young Marco- Selectors 002
Joy Orbison- Off Season/ Fuerza
Maurizio Bianchi & Abul Mogard- Nervous Hydra / All This Has Passed Forever
Special Request- Fabriclive: 91
Shanti Celeste- Untitled / Selector

Fave mixes:
Daniel Avery at Brilliant Corners for Resident Advisor:

The Hessle Audio show on 6th April was maybe my favourite one of the year so far: I need that Cong Burn tape.

Seb Wildblood's '100% forthcoming material' mix


Oh shit! And Inga Mauer's 'Schtum 012' !! So impossibly deep and banging.


Skee Mask - 2012 [Ilian Tape]
Henrik Schwarz - Not Also You [Running Back]
Pletnev - Dancer [Meda Fury]
Batu - Murmur [Timedance]
Tzusing - 東方不敗 [L.I.E.S.]
Marvin & Guy - Fire! Fire! [Permanent Vacation]
Various - Warehouse Sessions vol. 3 [DeepLabs]

Still loads I haven't heard, as was ever thus. Mixes:

Bruce's Fact Mix -
Craig Richards RA Mix (which admittedly drops off after about 90 minutes) -
Second Woman's Fact Mix -
Helena Hauff's Essential Mix -
Bhish's Bunker Mix -


Downloaded that Bruce mix when it dropped, still haven't check it. Will rectify that very soon.


Only three tracks in but the new release by Varg is sounding excellent. This song has just knocked my socks off.


This Svreca RA podcast absolutely slams.


This sounds great!


Falling in love with the album. Feels like the more melodic end of Raster-Noton. AOTM contender.


Meanest track of the year so far dropped this afternoon


This is dead good, Peder Mannerfelt can do no wrong at the moment.


Aye, he's on a banging roll that's for sure.


This is great. Going out properly for the first time this year tomorrow (Corsica: Lucy, Rrose, Boris) and this has got me well in the mood now.


After Steffi I'd say Boris is the best of the Ostgut lot I've seen, always seems to be having the time of his life.