Rolling Dance Whatever 2017


Damn, wish I could make it down to that but I'm broke.


Sweet, first time seeing him. Just hope it's not too oversold...

On an ostgut ton binge it seems, off to Photon and the afterparty at bloc next weekend too.


this is really awesome


willow RA podcast


Decent charity compilation in memory of Amanda Moss, who sadly passed away earlier this month.

The SØS Gunver Ryberg track is a particularly banging banger.


Forever 21/Valium kills the vibe a bit for me, but the rest of it is superb. Pretty much a perfect train commute album.


Sounds pretty nice from the clips. Probs not gonna win over any new fans but not one where he completely disappears up his own bum either. Widodo sounds groovy.


has anyone in here been to Printworks on this recent run of shows? my brother and his pals have just dropped out of Klockworks on Sunday so I'm tempted to sell my ticket and sack it off, unless anyone has had any amazing experiences there and can convince me otherwise?


some new and reissued giegling stuff up on their website:
New: Kettenkarussell LP
Repress: Traumprinz - Mothercave LP
Mind over matter compilation
Vril 1-4

plus a couple of other bits, don't sleep!


ignore this, sold it (using some sort of wizardry called Ticket Swap - I hope it's legit cos it's a seemingly great system)


looks great!


this joe goddard album's hitting the spot for me


Only just got round to listening to this, it's probably my favourite mix of the year so far now. Really shows that a good DJ is a selector first and a technician second, the Steppin' Wolf/Cloutier/Missy Elliott run has basically no beat-matching but works so well.


Really enjoyed that Willow podcast linked to upthread. Hunee's essential mix is class as well. Mostly been listening to mixes/podcasts this year tbh, haven't really got any standout tracks or albums so far but that's down to my own laziness more than anything else.


Bailed on the day thing as well and just went to the afterparty which was tonnes of fun, Marcel Dettmann especially was on top form.

Couple of friends went during the day and said it was incredible - the light show, sound and generally just the building - despite the crowd being pushy and packed in. There's a stream of it on Fact Mag which I keep meaning to watch.


Pev LP.




Bit late replying to this but I was a bit mixed on the Jacques Greene record there are a couple of tracks that really do it for me 'I Won't Judge' and 'Afterglow' but quite a few of the others seem, not bad per se but relatively nondescript?

I've liked a lot of his stuff up to this point so I'll probably give it a few more spins to see if more of it clicks. His RMA talk was pretty interesting the Montreal music scene sounds really fascinating.


it's really underwhelming for me - sounds like someone else trying to sound like JG. he's one of my favourite ever producers so i gave it a fair go but he just left it too late and I guess it just sounds like someone who thought 'well, i guess i should make an album' rather than someone who had all the pieces in place to make a really great one.

still love the guy though and look forward to anything else he puts out in the future


Was a big fan but I feel the sound has worn a little thin in general with a lot of imitators and there didn't seem to be much new on the LP to interest me.